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Children’s nurse appears in court accused of murdering seven babies

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Children's nurse Lucy Letby, 32, appears in court as she faces trial accused of murdering seven babies and trying to kill 10 more while working in neonatal unitLucy Letby, 32, allegedly murdered five boys and two girl...

McDonald’s reopens branches in Ukraine seven months after invasion

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McChicken Kyiv, anyone? Hungry Ukrainians queue at McDonald's restaurants as fast-food chain reopens branches in war-torn country seven months after Putin's invasionMcDonald's reopened some of its restaurants in Ukrai...

Cancer-hit grandmother wet herself while waiting seven hours for RAC

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Cancer-hit grandmother, 71, waited seven hours for RAC to arrive after her Audi's tyre burst on dual carriagewayJen Rooke, 71, has ovarian cancer and could not take medication without water She was stranded on the ro...

Seven dancing women plummet into a pit as backyard collapses in Brazil

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Terrifying moment seven women dancing for joy plummet into a pit as backyard ground collapses from right under them - the birthday party continued after they only suffered minor scrapesSeven women were dancing for joy...

NASA boffins hit an asteroid seven million miles from Earth last night

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Can NASA's game of cosmic billiards at 15,000mph save Earth's future? World waits to see if NASA's Dart probe hitting the Dimorphos asteroid proves we can change the course of giant rocks that could destroy our planet...

Printer ink is SEVEN TIMES the cost of Dom Perignon champagne

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WFH staff having to fork out for printer ink which is SEVEN TIMES the cost of Dom Perignon champagne Epson printer ink, one of the world's most expensive liquids, is £1.78 per millilitre Consumer rights group Which? f...