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Lea Seydoux praises James Bond and hails him as a ‘feminist

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'We're not here only to please his sexuality': Lea Seydoux heaps praise onto 'feminist' Daniel Craig for helping to develop Bond's relationships with women in No Time To Die Lea Seydoux has praised Daniel Craig for h...

Daniel Craig joins Lashana Lynch and Lea Seydoux at Bond premiere

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Daniel Craig is flanked by glamorous Bond girls Lashana Lynch and Lea Seydoux as departing 007 wears a PINK tuxedo at the delayed No Time To Die premiere Daniel Craig looked ever-dapper as he posed up a storm with hi...

Geen tyd om te sterf nie: Lea Seydoux showcases her ample assets in a pink dress

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Lea Seydoux looks incredible as she showcases her assets in a busty pink sequined maxi dress as she joins her co-stars at No Time To Die premiere Lea Seydoux certainly turned the heads of onlookers as she made a show...