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Russia and China attacking US ‘every dayin shadow space war: Generaal

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Russia and China are attacking US satellites 'every single day' with lasers, radio jammers and cyber attacks in a shadow space war, Space Force commander claimsSpace Force General David Thompson said that the US's sp...

Shadow minister says Labour should be NEUTRAL on Irish reunification

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Fury as shadow minister Louise Haigh says a Labour government should be NEUTRAL and not campaign to keep Northern Ireland within the UK if there is a future border poll on Irish reunificationLouise Haigh said that if...

Prince Andrew doesn’t look like man under shadow of sex abuse storm

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Virginia who? Grinning for the cameras, Prince Andrew doesn't look like a man living under the shadow of a sex abuse stormPrince Andrew was seen smiling in Windsor Great Park yesterday on horse US judge set a date fo...

Minister van skaduwees dui daarop dat Arbeid moet dring daarop aan dat die Verenigde Koninkryk weer by die EU aansluit

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'Ek dink ons ​​weet almal wat die beste deal is': Een van Keir Starmer se skaduministers stel voor dat Arbeid moet veg dat die Verenigde Koninkryk weer by die EU moet aansluit, aangesien hy belowe 'die stryd is nie verby nie', het Alex Sobel gesê 'die stryd is nog nie verby' nie..

Marsha de Cordova quits Keir Starmer’s shadow Cabinet

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Marsha de Cordova quits Keir Starmer's shadow Cabinet weeks before Labour conference 'to focus on holding Commons seat'Marsha de Cordova has announced she is quitting Keir Starmer's front bench She said she was givin...

ALEX BRUMMER: Questions over inflation trends cast a shadow

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ALEX BRUMMER: Questions over whether inflation will be transitory as we emerge from the pandemic or is more long-lasting cast a shadow Anyone hoping for a bust up or a close split decision over inflation trends at th...

CLAIRE CALMAN: Why is it so hard to escape shadow of the first wife?

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Why is it so hard to escape shadow of the first wife? He’d been divorced two years, but finding a photo of her husband’s ex still left CLAIRE CALMAN riddled with self-doubtIn her book, A Second-Hand Husband, Claire C...

Labour shadow minister blasts party’s ‘woke social media warriors

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Keir Starmer plans move out of London as Labour's Khalid Mahmood quits as shadow minister with attack on 'London-based bourgeoisie' and 'woke social media warriors' he says have taken over the partyTories have overtu...

Gladiators: Skaduwee na die erkenning van die rol in afpersing

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Gladiators speel Shadow, nou 59, word met hol wange en dooie oë afgebeeld in 'n polisie-opname nadat hy 'n rol in die afpersing van dwelmmiddels erken het Ex-Gladiator Shadow, regte naam Jefferson King, was betrokke by afpersing p ...

Prince Philip dead: World’s media pays tribute to ‘Queen’s shadow

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'Farewell to the Queen's shadow': The world's media unites in grief as the Duke of Edinburgh is mourned around the globe The world's media has paid tribute to Prince Philip today after it was announced the Duke of Ed...

Labour shadow minister urges ‘Mxbe used as alternative to Mr and Mrs

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Labour shadow minister says 'Mx' should be used as gender-neutral alternative to Mr and Mrs in latest 'woke' conundrum for Sir Keir StarmerAlex Sobel, shadow Culture, Media and Sport Minister, wants Mx on documents S...

Labour shadow minister Jo Stevens is in hospital with coronavirus

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Labour shadow cabinet minister Jo Stevens, 54, is in hospital with coronavirusHer aides announced in a tweet that the Cardiff Central MP was being treated It first emerged the 54-year-old MP had contracted Covid-19 ...

Keir Starmer is warned shadow ministers will RESIGN over Brexit deal

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Keir Starmer is warned shadow ministers will RESIGN and defy three-line whip to back Brexit deal in Labour revoltLabour leader said his party will back Boris Johnson's Brexit Deal on Wednesday Several frontbenchers a...