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Brooke Shields calls Barbara Walters interview ‘practically criminal

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'It's practically criminal': Brooke Shields SLAMS 1981 Barbara Walters interview after being grilled over her measurements, being sexualised and THAT Calvin Klein campaign at just 15The model, 56, spoke of being 'ove...

Brooke Shields claims she wasn’t ‘scathedby playing child prostitute

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Brooke Shields claims she wasn't 'personally scathed' after playing a child prostitute in Pretty Baby aged 11 because it's 'not in her nature to be a victim'American actress Brooke Shields, 56, played child prostitut...

Brooke Shields slams ‘ridiculousbacklash over teen Calvin Klein ad

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'I didn't think it was sexual!' Brooke Shields slams 'ridiculous' backlash against infamous Calvin Klein ad she filmed at age 15 - but admits she was 'naïve' about double entendre that led some countries to BAN it fr...

Brooke Shields shares snaps of herself in hospital after broken femur

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'I've come a long way': Brooke Shields shares snaps of herself bandaged and using a walker in hospital after battling her way through a broken femur, staph infection and multiple surgeries Brooke Shields has shared a...