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Neighbor says Uvalde shooter’s wounded grandmother ran to his home

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EKSKLUSIEF: 'Look at what he did to me!' Neighbor reveals how Uvalde gunman's hysterical grandmother ran to his home covered in blood moments after her own grandson shot her in the face and took off in her truck to co...

MOST school shooters behave the same way: DR. MARISA RANDAZZO

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MOST school shooters behave the same way BEFORE they attack which means we may be able to stop them, but only if we know what to watch for, writes DR. MARISA RANDAZZO, ex-Secret Service chief research psychologist Ma...

Slain Texas teacher married to officer who drilled for active shooters

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AFBEELD: Veteran teacher, 44, who was killed in Texas elementary school massacre that left 19 kids dead: Her cop husband held active shooter drill at nearby high school two months ago Eva Mireles, 44, credited her f...

Buffelsupermarkskieter se koue manifes onthul

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Buffalo-supermarkskieter se koue manifes van 180 bladsye het gesê dat 'groot vervangingsteorie' van wittes wat minder is, hom gedryf het om dood te maak - en die Nieu-Seelandse moskeeskieter Brenton Tarrant was sy inspirasiePayton Gendr...

Hochul sê Twitch was MEDGEVOEL aan Buffalo-skieter se moordtog

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NY Governor Kathy Hochul accuses Twitch of being an ACCOMPLICE to Buffalo supermarket shooter's massacre by letting him live-stream 'racist' murder of ten people - but firm says it was taken down in less than two min...

Oxford High School officials should have checked shooter’s belongings

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Oxford High School officials 'could face criminal charges' and civil lawsuits for NOT checking Ethan Crumbley's backpack and locker despite warning signs the day before he shot dead four studentsOakland County Prosec...

CHRISTOPHER STEVENS: A lesson from the parents of school shooters

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CHRISTOPHER STEVENS resenseer die TV van gisteraand: A lesson in quiet courage from the parents of school shooters Raising A School Shooter Rating: Moord, Mystery And My Family Rating: Few things could be more dull, you'd...