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Staff shortages caused by absent workers isolating could cost economy

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Staff shortages caused by absent workers isolating because of Covid-19 could cost the economy £35 BILLION in January and FebruaryStaff shortages due to self-isolation requirements could cost the economy Centre for E...

Patients WILL suffer because of staffing shortages, health bosses warn

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Omicron-fuelled staffing shortages in the NHS are a 'bigger problem' than rising Covid admissions, health bosses warnChris Hopson says staff absences could pose the biggest challenge to the NHS Dr David Nicholl says...

Rail misery rolls on as strikes and staff shortages cause chaos

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Rail misery rolls on as strikes, staff shortages, and engineering works cause chaos for passengersPassengers are facing shortages, strikes and engineering works on railways Pandemic staff absenses have made strike mo...

Covid isolation cripples the economy with staff shortages chaos

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Covid isolation cripples the economy: Travel chaos as staff shortages ground flights, 18,829 NHS workers off sick in a day and rising by 1,000 ogni 24 hours and train services are suspended indefinitelyAirlines blam...

Travel chaos as Covid staff shortages ground flights

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Travel chaos as Covid staff shortages ground flights and wreck Christmas plans after cancellations around the worldAirlines blame staff shortages caused by Covid for masses of cancelled flights Travellers queued for ...

AO World dives on warning of Christmas shortages

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AO World dives on warning of Christmas shortages due to supply chain problems AO World has warned of shortages of goods this Christmas due to supply chain problems. The online electricals retailer said a global deart...

Iceland offers customers TURKEY INSURANCE amid Christmas shortages

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Will you take out TURKEY INSURANCE this Christmas? Iceland guarantees first 150,000 customers to sign up will get a bird in time for the big dayThere are rumours of present and turkey shortages this year To combat t...

Microchip shortages drive Jaguar Land Rover to a £302m loss

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Microchip shortages drive Jaguar Land Rover to a £302m loss: Car maker sees sales fall for almost all vehicle models Hitting the skids: Jaguar Land Rover posted a loss of £302m for the quarter to September ...

Dominic Raab urges firms to hire ex-convicts to ease labour shortages

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Justice Secretary Dominic Raab tells UK businesses to hire hundreds of thousands of ex-convicts to ease labour crisisJustice Secretary Dominic Raab is urging businesses to hire more ex-offenders Mr Raab said there is...

Aiuto domestico rifiutato 5,000 richieste di cure a causa della carenza di personale

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5,000 richieste di cure respinte in sei settimane: Le aziende di assistenza domiciliare affermano che la carenza di personale è a un livello critico e migliaia di pazienti vengono respinti ogni mese..

Haysfees rise 41 per cent amid skill shortages and wage inflation

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Top recruitment firm Hays sees 'clear signs' of skill shortages and wage inflation as fees take offThe recruitment business saw fees rise markedly across the world Within the UK and Ireland, Hays saw fees rise by 45%...

Job vacancies hit ANOTHER record high of 1.2m amid shortages

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Job vacancies hit ANOTHER record high of 1.2m last month amid post-pandemic labour shortages as payroll numbers surge and unemployment fallsJob vacancies have hit another record amid labour shortages after the pandem...

Yule face Christmas shortages: Shoppers could see empty shelves

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Yule face Christmas shortages this year: Shoppers could suffer 'disruption', empty shelves and rising prices as festive season approaches, retail experts warnShoppers face gaps on shelves this Christmas and rising pr...

Next boss Lord Wolfson warns labour shortages are ‘real problem

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'Something is going seriously wrong in our economy': Tory peer and Next boss Lord Wolfson warns labour shortages are 'real problem' and prices will spiral unless firms are allowed to recruit more foreign workersLord ...

Farmer forced to cull hundreds of piglets due to abattoir shortages

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Farmer is forced to slaughter hundreds of healthy piglets because shortages of butchers and abattoir workers mean adult pigs are not being killed fast enough - con 150,000 animals set to be culled in the next TEN DA...

Retailers warn Christmas is in peril with staff shortages

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Christmas in peril: Minister admits there are NO guarantees fuel, HGV and UK's hospitality and staffing crisis will be over by December 25 as high street raises alarm - as he warns Britons they will see 'soldiers on ...