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Nell'attimo in cui l'uomo lancia dall'auto una borsa contenente un fucile a canne mozze carico

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Momento drammatico che l'uomo lancia una borsa contenente un fucile a canne mozze caricato dall'auto durante l'inseguimento della polizia al Trafford Center prima di essere colpito con il taser e arrestato dagli agenti di polizia mentre corre sulla strada per fuggireDaniel Murdoch, 4...

Mother-of-two suffered horrific shotgun injuries by two brothers

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Nella foto: Horrific shotgun injuries mother-of-two suffered after she was blasted through a window in ‘revenge attack’ by two brothers – who now face jail for attempted murderEmma Robinson was attacked by gunmen Thoma...

Ex-cop father of uni massacre ‘gunmanadmits helping son buy shotgun

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Ex-cop father of university massacre 'gunman', 18, admits helping son buy shotgun 'which killed six' as funerals start for tragic victims and 'shooter's former girlfriend said he 'joked' about earlier 'cool' school b...

Bear is transported by car and loves to ride shotgun in the front

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The chauffeur-driven BEAR! Wild animal is transported by car and loves to ride shotgun in the front (but he's not so keen on wearing a seat belt!)Toptyzkha, a Himalayan bear, rides shotgun with Veronika Dichka around...

Witness reveals brave victim who survived shotgun blast risked life

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Selfless act of incel victim: Witness reveals how brave woman, 53, who survived shotgun blast risked her life to put bedsheet over bodies of father and three-year-old daughter despite deranged killer still roaming st...

Plymouth killer Jake Davison was handed shotgun back last month

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Police gave shotgun BACK to Plymouth gunman just a month before rampage after officers confiscated it and revoked his licence last year over an assault allegationJake Davison, 22, had his pump-action shotgun confisca...

Moment paranoid shotgun killer leads police on fatal 161mph chase

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Moment paranoid killer high on cannabis leads police on fatal 161mph motorbike chase after blasting his children's author neighbour in the face with a shotgun and crushing his skull believing he was a spy for Vladimi...

Donna, 18, fighting for life in hospital after shotgun shooting

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Donna, 18, is fighting for life in hospital after being 'blasted in the chest with a sawn-off shotgun' in broad daylight attack as police find firearm in bushes nearby and launch manhunt for gunmanArmed police cordon...

Il fucile hipster: Kalashnikov svela la "pistola gadget"’ MP-155 Ultima

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Il fucile hipster: Kalashnikov unveils 'gadget gun' with built-in computer and video camera aimed at Gen Z customers who can't bear to be away from techThe stylish semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun is dubbed the 'MP-...