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Moment a Just Eat cyclist rides along the hard shoulder of the M5

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Shocking moment idiot Just Eat delivery cyclist rides along the hard shoulder of the M5 as cars whizz past at 70mphDashcam footage appears to show a Just Eat delivery cyclist on a hard shoulder The video was taken at...

NICK LYES: Case for return of hard shoulder is now beyond all doubt

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Case for return of the hard shoulder is now beyond all doubt, writes NICK LYES, head of roads policy at the RAC Back in 2019, sommige 67 per cent of drivers told the RAC that they believed that safety had been compromis...

Stunned driver spots e-scooter zipping along M42 hard shoulder

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Now e-scooters are invading Britain's MOTORWAYS! Stunned driver spots electric two-wheeler zipping along M42 hard-shoulder... as debate rages over riders terrorising urban areasJosh Giff said he was 'in shock' after ...

Man undergoes world’s first double arm and shoulder transplant

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Man who underwent world's first double arm and shoulder transplant after an electrical accident says he can now flex his biceps - and just wants to be able to hug his wife and grandkidsFelix Gretarsson, 49, is six mo...

Let’s give phone scammers the cold shoulder pad

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Let’s give phone scammers the cold shoulder pad: By STEPHANIE BEACHAM, whose family fell victim to oneBrits receive 150 million suspicious calls every week, according to new research Stephanie Beacham, 74, is urging ...

‘Near-perfectshoulder blade of a 29ft-long dinosaur in Japan

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'Near-perfect' shoulder blade of a 29-foot-long dinosaur that lived some 81 million years ago is unearthed on beach in JapanA 2-foot-long fossilized bone discovered in Japan has been identified as the shoulder blade ...

Harrison Ford, 78, ‘Beseer skouer tydens Indiana Jones 5 verfilming’

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Harrison Ford, 78, 'beseer sy skouer tydens die verfilming van 'n gevegstoneel vir Indiana Jones 5 met die skedule van die verfilming wat opgestel moet word te midde van sy herstel ' Harrison Ford het glo sy skouer beseer tydens die verfilming..

Moeder van die bruidegom sweef dwarsdeur die bruilof oor die skouer van die bruid

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Bruidegom se ma word as 'n skoonma 'bestempel as 'n trouvideo waarin sy' probeer om die bruid se plek in te neem 'tydens die seremonie. - terwyl sy 'n WIT uitrusting aangehad het, het Paula van New Jersey die skrikwekkende video van haar gedeel ...

How to get the upper hand on an aching shoulder

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How to get the upper hand on an aching shoulder: From massage gadgets to electric treatments and a chilling wrap With so many of us working from home, it’s bad news for shoulders. With the greatest range of movement ...

Lorry driver says crash wouldn’t have happened with hard shoulder

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Lorry driver jailed for killing two men in smart motorway crash tells inquest he would have avoided them if there had been a hard shoulderPrezemyslaw Szuba, 40, killed Jason Mercer, 44, and Alexandru Murgeanu, 22 Sz...

AFBEELD: Denise Van Outen tuimel na die vloer – ontwrig skouer

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AFBEELD: Die afgryslike oomblik Dancing On Ice se Denise Van Outen ontwrig haar skouer terwyl sy tuimel tydens oefening.. te midde van die ster, sal die ster steeds op die bekendstellingsprogram Skating optree saam met Matt Evers, ...