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Kids ages 14 should be given sex-change drugs if they are transgender

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Doctors should give children aged 14 sex-change drugs if they think they're transgender, group saysWorld professional Association for Transgender Health says doctors should give sex-change drugs to children as young ...

Mothers at risk of pre-eclampsia should be given aspirin, US medics

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Pregnant women deemed high risk of pre-eclampsia should be given aspirin to cut risk of being struck down with condition, US doctors sayPre-eclampsia is pregnancy complication that causes high blood pressure British ...

Britons should be given water containing fluoride to fight tooth decay

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Everyone in Britain should get fluoride added to their drinking water to save NHS millions in the fight against tooth decay, health chiefs rule as they dismiss 'exaggerated' cancer fearsThe UK's chief medical officer...

Thugs who try to spread Covid should be given longer jail terms

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Thugs who deliberately try to spread Covid to other people should be given longer jail terms, judges sayTougher sentencing rules will apply to those who try to spread coronavirus This will also apply to anyone who at...

Kids ‘should be given social media trainingto avoid anti-vaxx ideas

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Schools should teach children how to spot misinformation on social media at schools so they don't fall for anti-vaxx propaganda, top expert claimsSir David Spiegelhalter says children should be taught to spot misinfo...