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La donna dice di aver perso la VISTA’ dopo averle tatuate i bulbi oculari

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Donna, 26, che 'ha perso la VISTA' dopo essersi fatta tatuare i bulbi oculari in viola perché l'artista 'ha commesso un errore' insiste che non ha rimpianti perché ama ancora il lookSarah Sabbath, 26, dal Texas, ha trascorso circa ...

Couple due to be Married At First Sight pre-Covid now expecting baby

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Oh piccola, THAT'S love at first sight! Impatient duo who were prepped to wed as total strangers on Married at First Sight when Covid-19 hit and cancelled the show met up privately and look at the result...Ally Acklan a...

Douglas Emhoff says it was ‘love at first sightwith VP Kamala Harris

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Douglas Emhoff says it was 'love at first sight' with VP Kamala Harris and the campaign trail brought them 'closer than ever' - as he predicts many more men will hold the post of Second GentlemanLawyer Doug Emhoff, 5...

I golden retriever sono sconcertati dalla loro prima vista della neve

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Allora cos'è questa roba bianca? I golden retriever sono sconcertati dalla loro prima vista della neve - prima di immergersi attraverso un cumulo di neve profondo 40 pollici per giocare Lisa e Rusty Hanafin si sono svegliati per far uscire Harry Winston e Louis Vuitton ...

Can YOU spot the dogs that are hiding in plain sight?

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In-DOG-nito! Owners share snaps as part of the #HiddenDogChallenge - but can YOU spot the pooches hiding in plain sight?Hilarious gallery shows dogs from all around world hiding in plain sight Can you spot them all?...

BORIS JOHNSON: We can’t throw it all away not when freedom is in sight

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We are so nearly out of our captivity, we can see the sunlit upland pastures ahead... but if we try to jump the fence now, we will tangle ourselves in the last barbed wire, writes PRIME MINISTER BORIS JOHNSON We can'...

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