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US records 254,091 new COVID cases and 244 new deaths in a single day

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'We'll be in the throes of Omicron for a month': Ex-FDA commissioner says COVID will peak in two weeks as US records seven-day average of 413,304 sake en 1,350 deathsThe US recorded its highest seven-day average nu...

Single mom gets heart transplant in time to spend Christmas with son

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Single mother who had a heart attack at age 27 and had to spend TWO YEARS in the hospital gets a life-saving transplant in time to celebrate Christmas with her nine-year-old sonVictoria Guajardo, nou 29, was net 27 ...

Thug, 33, admits killing a father, 50, with a single ‘forceful’ pons

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Thug, 33, admits killing a father, 50, with a single 'forceful' punch to the head during row outside Slug and Lettuce in Birmingham city centre as he enjoyed night out with his sonMatthew Carroll was killed in front ...

Single teacher adopts five-year-old student she fostered at age 24

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Single teacher, 25, adopts her five-year-old student - despite friends and family telling her she was 'insane' for taking him in - after fostering him for a year to save him from 'traumatic' care systemPaige Bramlett...

Hoe sokkerspelers’ vrouens kan £878 000 verdien vir 'n enkele Instagram-plasing

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Van 'wags tot rykdom': Hoe sokkerspelers se vrouens £878 000 vir 'n enkele Instagram-plasing kan verdien Die meisie van die Manchester United-ster Cristiano Ronaldo lyk op die punt om Victoria Beckham af te sit as sosiale media se mees bank..

Boxer jailed for 10 years for killing man with single punch in pub

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Bokser, 25, word tronk toe gestuur vir 10 years for killing man, 20, with single punch in pub before telling police 'it was just boom, boom'Brandon Sillence has today been jailed for 10 years at Caernarfon Crown Court He admitted ...

Bokser, 25, vermoorde man, 20, met enkele slaan in Bangor, Noord-Wallis

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Bokser, 25, vermoorde man, 20, with a single punch that made his 'skull rotate rapidly on his spine leaving him brain dead before he hit floor' in unprovoked pub attack'Boxer killed innocent man with single punch and s...

BREKENDE NUUS: Brian Laundrie died of single gunshot wound to the head

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Brian Laundrie, 23, died of single gunshot wound to the head, his lawyer says: Prime suspect in girlfriend Gabby Petito's murder killed himself in Florida swamp - but what happened to the gun?Laundrie family lawyer S...

Single parking space in South Devon village goes on sale for £100,000

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Single parking space in upmarket South Devon village goes up for sale for £100,000A single parking space is located in the heart of the upmarket village of Shaldon The sale it set for this week with the seller asking...

Single mother gave birth to twins at 50 after spending £40,000 on IVF

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Enkelmoeder, 54, reveals she gave birth to twins at FIFTY after spending £40,000 on IVF in 11 jare - and says she's a better parent than younger mums because she's 'not always on my phone'Manda Epton, who was born...

Sex in the City creator Candace Bushnell, 62, describes single life

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I'm SO over having Sex in the City! Hit show's creator Candace Bushnell, 62, describes single life, how porn's wrecked romance - and why she decided to have an abortion Candace Bushnell walks into the Carlyle Hotel i...

Single woman tells of joy at becoming an IVF motherat age of 51

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'I proved the doubters wrong': Single woman tells of her joy at becoming an IVF mother at the age of 51 despite her parents' concerns that she would struggle as older lone parentKelly Clarke, 51, from West Sussex bec...

Uitsmyter wat pa met 'n enkele hou uitgeslaan het, vermy die tronk

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Nagklub-uitsmyter wat op CCTV betrap is toe hy pa van drie uitslaan met 'n enkele vuishou wat hom met 'lewensveranderende' breinbeserings gelaat het, vermy die tronkGary Moffett het Graham Crawford in September met 'n enkele vuis gekap..

Single women reveal if they REALLY care what a man does for a living

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Single women admit they REALLY judge a man based on what he does for a living - and list three jobs they'd be turned off by straight awayOne of the things men are judged on is based on his job, single women say A gro...

Aggressive anti-masker floored by a single punch in restaurant

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Furious anti-masker kicks off over restaurant ‘discrimination’ after waitress tells him ‘it’s a mandate’ before he’s knocked to the floor with a single punch in angry confrontation over masksThe bald, bespectacled ma...

Critics rave over Adele’s ‘sublimecomeback single Easy On Me

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'Her songs are always polished but never to the point of soullessness': Critics rave over Adele's 'sublime' comeback single Easy On Me lauding it 'a thing of beauty and wonder'The highly-anticipated song, released on...

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