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Britney Spears SLAMS younger sister’s memoir and claims made

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'Hope your book does well, Jamie Lynn': Britney Spears SLAMS younger sister for writing memoir 'at my expense' and says family 'ruined my dreams' and tried to make her look 'crazy' Britney Spears slammed her younger ...

Mother of murdered sisters says she wants to meet Met police officer

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Mother of two sisters who were stabbed to death in London park says she wants to meet one of the police officers jailed for sharing photos of her dead daughters on WhatsAppMina Smallman, 65, says she wants to meet wi...

Sopravvissuta al cancro rivela come le sorelle Nolan l'hanno aiutata

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La superfan di Nolan Sisters rivela come il gruppo l'ha aiutata a combattere il cancro dopo che Bernie l'ha esortata a controllarle il seno quando si sono incontrati a un concerto - mentre Linda è diventata sua amica mentre entrambi combattono la malattia Gail ...

Twin shares events that led to her sister’s death at THIRTY

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Twin is left heartbroken as her sister dies from 'old man's disease' just days after their 30th birthday - as she reveals the easy to miss symptoms EVERYONE needs to knowEmily Taylor, 32, lost her twin sister Christi...

Sir Philip Barton holidayed at his sister’s chateau as Kabul fell

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ESCLUSIVO: Top Foreign Office mandarin Sir Philip Barton holidayed at his sister-in-law's £1million chateau in the Dordogne while his WFH staff ignored emails from thousands of desperate Afghans trying to flee KabulS...

Le sorelle Turpin affermano che i loro genitori hanno citato la Bibbia per giustificare gli abusi

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"Hanno letteralmente usato la Bibbia per spiegarci il loro comportamento": Le sorelle Turpin dicono che i loro genitori incarcerati hanno usato il libro sacro per giustificare gli abusi nella "casa degli orrori" della California e hanno detto che Dio avrebbe permesso loro di UCCIDERE i loro figli..

Mother of murdered sisters calls for Cressida Dick to resign

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'It's time for Cressida Dick to GO': Mother of murdered sisters whose bodies were photographed by police officers calls for Met Commissioner to resign as she reveals she only apologised when she was TOLD toMina Small...

Mother of murdered sisters is to guest edit Radio 4 spettacolo

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Mother of murdered sisters whose dead bodies were photographed by two police officers is to guest edit Radio 4 showMother of Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry to guest edit Radio 4's Today show Ex-archdeacon Mina Smal...

Cops who took photos of murdered sisters called them ‘dead birds

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Two Met officers left police cordon to take photos of two murdered sisters before sharing them on WhatsApp and describing them as 'dead birds with stab wounds', misconduct panel hearsPCs Deniz Jaffer, 47, and Jamie L...

DAVID JONES: The tale of the Williams sistersrise is full of topspin

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The rags to riches tale that's full of top spin: It's the Hollywood movie starring Will Smith that serves up a feelgood tale about the Williams sisters' meteoric rise. The reality is very different, writes DAVID JONE...

Le sorelle incinte ricreano foto adorabili di quando erano bambine

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Torna con un urto! Le sorelle che da bambine posavano con palloncini sui vestiti hanno ricreato la foto dopo essere rimaste incinte allo stesso tempo - e ora le loro giovani figlie hanno posato per la loro adorabile versione Bri ...

Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury superfan sisters have been branded ‘repulsive

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Love Island superfan sisters are branded 'repulsive' for dressing their toddlers as kissing reality star couple Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy FurySisters branded 'repulsive' for dressing their toddlers as kissing reality...

Priti Patel definisce "disumano"’ I poliziotti incontrati che condividevano le sorelle assassinate scattano

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Priti Patel critica i poliziotti del Met "ripugnanti e disumani" che hanno condiviso gli scatti delle sorelle assassinate su WhatsApp - e dice che la forza "ha deluso gravemente" la loro famiglia Il ministro degli Interni Priti Patel ha detto alla polizia che avevano bisogno di "alzare l'asticella"..

Met Officer who photographed murdered sisters posted ‘blackface’ Immagine

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ESCLUSIVO: Rivelato: Met officer who shared photos of two murdered sisters on WhatsApp uploaded Facebook images of himself in blackface, posing next to a man in gimp mask and woman passed out on TubePC Deniz Jaffer, ...

CHIEDI TONY: FedEx has lost my late sister’s treasures from America

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CHIEDI TONY: FedEx lost my late sister's treasures worth £4,000 when they were sent from America We are at our wits' end with FedEx. Our brother-in-law sent a package on August 5 from Phoenix, Arizona, containing some e...

Two sisters speak out after years of sexual abuse by their grandfather

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'I could smell the alcohol on his breath': Two sisters tell how they suffered years of sexual abuse at the hands of their grandfather who would climb into their beds at night - as he is jailed for seven yearsSophie, ...