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Harrowing 19th century images of US slaves colorized for first time

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Bought, sold and whipped: Harrowing images of 19th century slaves who were shipped to America and the auction house where their fate was sealed are colorized for the first timeThe photographs were taken in various lo...

Kingpins who made millions smuggling hundreds of Polish slaves

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Human trafficking kingpins who made millions smuggling hundreds of Polish slaves into the UK and forcing them to work for 50p an hour are jailed for more than 15 yearsCorrupt recruitment firm boss David Handy was onl...

A mother’s eyes gouged out and young girls kidnapped as sex slaves

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A mother's eyes gouged out and young girls kidnapped as sex slaves: Female former MP in Kabul SHUKRIA BARAKZAI - who survived a suicide bomber attack - despairs at the West's betrayal of Afghan women From the moment ...

JOHN HUMPHRYS: Vryheidsdag? We’ve become willing slaves

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JOHN HUMPHRYS: Vryheidsdag? Geen. From the war on cars to the assault on free speech, we've become willing slaves The sun was shining and the Thames was at its most beautiful as I leaned against the wall. Then the man ...

Woman claims she’s made ‘millionsfrom her ‘money slaves

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Financial dominatrix who drains men's bank accounts for a living says she's made 'millions' from her 'pay pigs' who fund her luxurious lifestyle - with one spending $30,000 on her in ONE DAYDiamond Diva Princess, who...

Inside rural property where women were allegedly kept as slaves

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Sandpits with chilling engravings, eerie wooden huts and a barber's shed: Inside the 'House of Cadifor' – the sprawling remote property where 'kinky sex overlord' allegedly kept six slavesAustralian Federal Police la...

Florida teacher tells class slaves weren’t whipped

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Florida teacher is being investigated after telling his class slaves weren't whipped and the n-word is not hate speech as it 'just means ignorant' in TikTok videos filmed by a black studentA Florida teacher was filme...