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Mother sheds almost 15st with Slimming World

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Mother who ballooned to 25st because she NEVER felt full no matter how much she ate reveals how she lost more than half her body weight - while still eating big portions and carbsStacey Gascoyne, 29, weighed 25st 2lb...

World-renowned slimming surgeon is sued for millions

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Renowned slimming surgeon dubbed 'the godfather of gastric banding' is sued for millions after 'risky' operation left morbidly obese 5ft 5in woman who tipped the scales at 18st dangerously under-weight and 'starving ...

Recovering anorexic died after taking illegal slimming pills

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Recovering anorexic, 25, died after taking illegal industrial strength fat-burning slimming pills, inquest hearsAnnie Gresham, 25, died after taking illegal industrial strength slimming pills The youngster from Mic...

Slimming World’s Woman of the Year 2021 geopenbaar

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Amper bruid, 30, who avoided socialising and applying for jobs because of her 18st frame is named Slimming World's Woman of the Year 2021 after losing half her body weightSophie Higginbottom weighed 17 stone and lost...

Which slimming denim gives you the best shape?

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Jeanius way to drop a dress size: As M&S Magic Jeans sell out, which slimming denim gives you the best shape?Fashion's latest fixation is stretchy jeans that make mincemeat of a muffin top Marks & Spencer has sol...

Some slimming products sold online contain ‘dangerous’ wat ons moontlik voel meer relevant kan wees of beslis oorweeg moet word.

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Dozens of weight loss supplements sold on eBay and Wish contain 'dangerous' stimulants that can lead to strokes and heart attacks, UK watchdog warnsSlimming products with 'potentially dangerous' substances are availa...

Shoppers love the slimming effects of this swimsuit with tummy control

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'Finally a swimming costume I don't mind being seen in!' Shoppers love the slimming effects of this 'very flattering and comfortable' swimsuit with tummy control - and it costs just £23 Products featured in this Mail...

Slimming World winner hit 17st weight loss target in lockdown

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Versorger, 46, who hit her 17st weight loss target during lockdown and went from a size 34 tot 'n grootte 10 is named Slimming World's Woman of the Year - and she's now looking for loveJenny Irons, 46, van Clacton-on-Sea, lo...

Two Chubby Cubs reveal their slimming recipes to Femail

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Diet recipes that won't make you despair! Social media sensations Two Chubby Cubs reveal 500-calorie treats from their new cook book - including eggy bread club sandwiches and ice cream sundaesJames and Paul Anderson...