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Quango behind smart motorways blows £400,000 on name change

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Quango behind controversial smart motorways blows £400,000 on name changeHighways England is spending £400,000 to rebrand as National Highways It wants to shed its toxic image following the criticism of smart motorwa...

Smart Meter malfunction panics customers with prices up to £42,000

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Smart Meter display malfunction sends customers into a panic by showing prices up to £42,000 for one day's electricity usage as price rise kicks inEmily Brown, 32, of Nottingham, said her smart meter showed £42,670 sp...

Want a smart child? Limit their screen time to an hour a day

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Want your child to grow up smart? Limit their screen time to an hour a day, study suggestsThey should also engage in traditional play for at least 15 minutes a day This will increase brain functioning and in turn im...

VICTORIA BISCHOFF: Yet more smart meter madness

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Yet more smart meter madness: The bigger bills are bad enough... we shouldn't have to worry if they're accurate, says VICTORIA BISCHOFF How many times have you reminded someone to turn off a light in the last week? Do...