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CHRISTOPHER STEVENS: A working snooker table made of cake? Brillante!

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CHRISTOPHER STEVENS recensisce la TV di ieri sera: A working snooker table made of cake? Brilliant but totally potty! The Great British Bake Off Rating: Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled Rating: TV talent contests make life ...

La star del biliardo inglese Mark Allen giocherà contro l'ex Reanne Evans

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Inizia la battaglia degli ex: Oggi vedrà una delle più grandi partite di rancore nella storia dello sport - in un angolo, La star del biliardo inglese Mark Allen... nell'altro, la sua ex compagna Reanne Evans. Quindi vedranno entrambi rosso?Sn...

World’s best female snooker player prepares to play her ex on TV

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Cue some awkward moments: World's best female snooker player will face ex over the green baize live on TV, all while the pair battle in court over child maintenance payments for their daughterReanne Evans, 35, who is...

Snooker ace John Higgins hopes to pocket £825,000 for his mansion

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Snooker ace John Higgins hopes to pocket £825,000 as he puts his luxury mansion up for sale featuring five bedrooms and (naturalmente) a full-sized tableFour-time world champion, 46, Higgins has put his Lanarkshire mans...

Covid test event at World Snooker Championship ‘has NO positive cases

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Covid test event at the Crucible in Sheffield 'has recorded NO positive cases so far' after hundreds of mask-wearing sports fans were allowed inside the World Snooker Championship300 fans watching matched in the 980-...

Fans return to live sport as World Snooker Championship gets underway

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Sports fans are BACK! 320 mask-wearing spectators are allowed inside the Crucible in Sheffield for start of the World Snooker Championship as test events begin (and they hope it'll be FULL for the final)Fans have ret...

Is this the best snooker shot EVER?

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Is this the best snooker shot EVER? Trapped behind the black, Louis Heathcote uses the jaws of the pocket to reach the yellow... and POTS IT!Louis Heathcote produced one of the greatest shots in snooker history last ...