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Instagram users express outrage after social media platform crashes

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Instagram turns to Instacrash as app bug strikes and users are forced onto other social media sitesSocial media users complained they could not access their Instagram accounts Some said the picture sharing network has...

Social media speculates identity of BBC star accused of stripper fling

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Social media furiously speculates who BBC prime-time star is that had a six-month fling with stripper before forcing her 'to sign an NDA when he found out she was pregnant'A stripper alleges a married BBC star impregn...

Molly Russell: William demands social media firms improve their safety

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Prince William demands social media firms improve their safety as he praises 'incredibly brave' family of Molly Russell after coroner ruled tech platforms contributed to the 14-year-old's deathThe Prince of Wales has ...

Social media falls in love with choirboy singing heart out at funeral

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The auburn-haired cherub stealing the show: Social media users fall in love with 'superstar' choirboy singing his heart out at Queen's state funeralThe Choir of Westminster Abbey sang hymns and psalms during Queen's f...