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Sexism row after female Ukrainian soldiers forced to parade in HEELS

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Now Ukraine have another footy battle to worry about! Sexism row after female Ukrainian soldiers were forced to parade in HEELSTop brass have raised eyebrows after they released the images of them Thursday The women ...

Two female soldiers become first women in history to try out for SAS

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Two female soldiers become first women in history to try out for SAS - after excelling in pre-selection courseWomen to receive intense jungle warfare, endurance and interrogation training They are first to come throu...

Two soldiers ‘die by suicide within hours of each other

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Two soldiers 'take their own lives within hours of each other' at Salisbury Plain military basesGunner Jaysley-Louise Beck, 19, found in her room at Larkhill base by colleagues Married L/Cpl Michael Joseph Miah, 28, ...

Ukrainian civilian ‘shot dead by Russian soldiers after surrendering

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Killed in cold blood: Ukrainian civilian 'is shot dead by Russian soldiers after holding up his hands in surrender'Drone footage appears to show the moment a civilian was executed by Russians The shocking incident to...

New camouflage tech makes soldiers virtually ‘invisible

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Rocking the camo! New tech that makes soldiers virtually 'invisible' both to the human eye and thermal detectors is used by Israeli's militaryKit 300 is a sheet made of thermal visual concealment (TVC) material It a...

Crying Russian soldiers turn on Putin as they urge people to rise up

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Crying Russian soldiers turn on Putin: Troops captured by Ukraine claim their leader is having their comrades thrown into mass graves as they urge their people to rise up against himThe group of four Russian soldiers...

Soldier’s wife is GUILTY of murdering newborn

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Soldier's wife, 38, is convicted of murdering her newborn after 'snapping' over her immigration status and the pressure of supporting her familySilipa Keresi was found guilty of killing Maliki, who was found in the N...

Soldiers are sent in to enforce lockdown in Sydney

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Australia sends in the ARMY to enforce it's 'Zero Covid' lockdown: Soldiers will patrol Sydney alongside helicopters with blaring sirens as nation grapples rising infection rates with only 17% of adults vaccinatedMin...

I soldati lettoni organizzano un'esercitazione militare a sorpresa per le strade di Riga

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La città che divenne un campo di battaglia: Shoppers in Latvia look on in fear as soldiers storm streets and fire blanks at each other in Russian invasion exerciseSurprise urban military drills in Riga have both angered and ...

English and Scottish soldiers punch each other in vicious Euros brawl

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Rival English and Scottish soldiers punch and kick each other in vicious Euro 2020 brawl at army base to the sounds of bagpipesEngland fans were filmed belting out The Three Lions towards the Tartan Army Ten Scotland...

British soldiers ‘joked on Facebookabout death of Kenyan prostitute

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British soldiers 'laughed and joked on Facebook' about the 'murder' of mother-of-one Kenyan prostitute, 21, whose body was found in a septic tankBody of Agnes Wanjiru, 21, was found at a hotel in Nanyuki, Kenya, in M...

Soldati in cerca di amore su TINDER vicino al punto di infiammabilità del confine con la Bielorussia

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Soldati in cerca di amore su TINDER vicino al punto di infiammabilità del confine con la Bielorussia: Women in Belarus town find deluge of gun-toting soldiers looking for love on TINDER near refugee border flashpointWomen in Grodno, Bielorussia, have spotted soldiers popping up on the datin...

I soldati ucraini sperano di riconquistare la città di Kherson "entro GIORNI".’

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Ukrainian soldiers hope to retake city of Kherson 'within DAYS' as Russian forces continue withdrawing after suffering what the Kremlin admitted were ‘significant’ lossesKherson was first major settlement to fall to ...

Russian spy commanders allegedly beat and sexually abused soldiers

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Russian intelligence officers are accused of subjecting soldiers to sexual violence and beatings in new abuse scandal days after 'torture conveyer belt' was revealed in Putin's prisonsTwo GRU commanders under investi...

"I nostri equipaggi in prima linea eseguono valutazioni dinamiche del rischio sulla scena degli incidenti prima di fare qualsiasi altra cosa e il nostro paramedico ha fatto la scelta giusta togliendosi gli stivali e la giacca ad alta visibilità per assicurarsi che non sarebbe stato trascinato sott'acqua lui stesso

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"Zitto o mostrerò a tuo figlio il cervello di sua madre sparsi per casa": "Zitto o mostrerò a tuo figlio il cervello di sua madre sparsi per casa", 33, "Zitto o mostrerò a tuo figlio il cervello di sua madre sparsi per casa".

British Tommies and Indian soldiers stand around Hampton Court Palace

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Army of Fallen heroes: Silhouettes of 100 British Tommies and 25 Indian soldiers stand guard around Hampton Court Palace in striking WWI memorial in aid of Poppy AppealSome 125 silhouette soldiers were hand-made from...