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Truck smashes into US military convoy sparking inferno in Germany

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Several injured as truck smashes into a US military convoy sparking inferno on German highwayThree US army vehicles, including two fuel tankers, were pulled up on the roadside in Bavaria on Monday An articulated truc...

North Yorkshire Commissioner apologises after sparking backlash

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Under-fire North Yorkshire Crime Commissioner apologises after sparking furious backlash by saying women 'need to be streetwise about arrest powers'Phillip Allot admitted comments were 'insensitive' and wanted to 're...

La Palma volcano: Lava reaches the sea sparking poison gas fears

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Toxic gas fears as lava from La Palma’s erupting volcano hits the ocean: White clouds billow on the coast as locals are told to stay inside and shut their windowsDramatic images show lava from La Palma's erupting vol...

Man, 23, is stabbed to death in Newham sparking murder probe

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Police launch murder investigation after man, 23, dies after being stabbed in the neck and another man, 19, taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuriesPolice were called to a street in Newham, east London ea...

Danish cartoonist who drew Mohammed, ontstoke verontwaardiging, sterf by 86

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Danish cartoonist whose image of the Prophet Mohammed sparked outrage that culminated in the Charlie Hebdo massacre dies aged 86 after long illnessDanish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard has died aged 86 after a long illn...

Twelve-story Miami Beach apartment building collapses sparking search

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Twelve-story Miami Beach apartment building collapses sparking huge search and rescue operation amid fears many people are dead or trapped in rubbleAn apartment block collapsed in early hours of the morning near 88th...

Young minke whale washes up on British beach sparking frantic mission

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Young minke whale washes up on British beach sparking frantic mission to refloat her and reunite the one-year-old with her motherA one year old minke whale was found washed up in Dalgety Bay, Fife Rescuers have been ...

Train collides with 18-wheeler in central Texas, sparking explosion

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BREEK: Train carrying oil tankers collides with an 18-wheeler in central Texas, sparking a massive explosion - but the driver and conductor both survive without major injuriesThe crash unfolded at around 6.45am Tu...

Sleeping Caribbean volcanoes rumble and smoke sparking a rare alert

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Dormant volcanoes on chain of three Caribbean islands begin to rumble and smoke - as its 100,000 inhabitants prepare for evacuationVolcanoes in Martinique and St. Vincent and the Grenadines are rumbling Officials is...