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Mother speaks out after violent ex left her permanently injured

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Ma, 27, speaks out on her 'life in hell' with a violent ex-boyfriend who left her with permanent injuries when he attacked her in a jealous rage as she clutched onto her crying babyEllie Fairhurst was left with p...

Hutchins’ sister speaks out after deadly shooting, vigil held today

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'She was my role model:' Halyna Hutchins' sister pays tribute to the 42-year-old mother and cinematographer as hundreds gather in Burbank for her candlelit vigilThe sister of Halyna Hutchins is speaking out for the f...

Abuse survivor speaks out after boyfriend stabbed her with screwdriver

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Violent thug, 21, forced his 22-year-old girlfriend to beg on the street, stabbed her with a screwdriver and beat her if she didn't earn enoughKyle Helm, 21, of Peterborough, Cambs, treated girlfriend like a slave fo...

Major General’s widow speaks out after he took his own life aged 54

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Royal Marines Major General's widow pays tribute to her 'selfless' estranged husband who was 'upset' at losing his dream job and took his own life following split from herLea Holmes called her husband 'courageous' an...

George Floyd’s brother speaks out after Chauvin apologized in court

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'It was the first time he showed any type of remorse': George Floyd's brother reacts to Derek Chauvin offering the family his condolences after the former cop was sentenced to 22-and-a-half yearsDereck Chauvin offere...

Mother-in-law of Sarah Everard murder suspect speaks out after arrest

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'He couldn't do anything like this': Skoonma van die Met-offisier, 48, arrested on suspicion of murdering Sarah Everard insists he' is a wonderful father' and has spent years learning Ukrainian after meeting her daug...

Lady Gaga’s dog walker speaks out after he was shot by thieves

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BREEK: Lady Gaga's dog walker speaks out for first time since being shot in armed robbery in Hollywood and calls French bulldog Miss Asia his 'guardian angel' after she lay by his side while he bled outRyan Fische...