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Ukraine uncovers saboteurs ‘co-ordinated by Russian special services

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Ukraine 'dismantles' team of saboteurs 'co-ordinated by Russian special services' who were planning 'a series of armed attacks' aimed at destabilising border regionsUkrainian security service said it has arrested cri...

Queen arriveer in Norfolk nadat sy spesiale pelgrimstog gemaak het

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Koningin arriveer in Norfolk nadat sy spesiale pelgrimstog onderneem het voor die 70ste herdenking van haar pa se dood, terwyl sy vir die eerste keer sonder hom in Philip se geliefde Wood Farm-kothuis bly. Koningin het 'n spesiale reis na ....

SPECIAL REPORT: Even Serbians are divided over Djokovic jab scandal

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SPECIAL REPORT: Serbia is divided over Novak Djokovic's vaccine scandal... the tennis star is a national hero to millions but returned home to find arguments raging over his Australian Open debacleNovak Djokovic was ...

Moira Stewart is big news on Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special

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Hip-swingin' Moira Stewart is big news on Strictly Come Dancing's Christmas special For decades, news veteran Moira Stuart remained firmly seated behind a desk. But last night the 72-year-old won high praise for her ...

Anne-Marie and Graziano crowned winners of Strictly Christmas special

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'You smashed it!' Fans praise Anne-Marie as she is crowned winner of Strictly Christmas special after getting a perfect score with her Cha-cha-cha Fans praised Anne-Marie on Saturday evening after she was crowned the...

Four Special Forces officers ‘pocketed £20k after selling spent ammo

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Four Special Forces officers face trial over allegations they pocketed £20k after selling spent ammunition to recycling centres in the USFour officers from elite Special Forces Support Group are to stand trial for fr...

Rust special effects coordinator: Halyna Hutchins was ‘bled profusely

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Alec Baldwin is shown on set of Rust on the phone after shooting Halyna Hutchins - as special effects coordinator describes how she 'immediately started bleeding profusely' and bullet left a hole in her coatThe photo...

Strictly Christmas special: Anne-Marie and Fred Sirieix lead line-up

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Strictly Christmas special FIRST LOOK: Anne-Marie flashes her cleavage in a navy mini dress while Fred Sirieix puts on flamboyant display as they lead the VERY star-studded line-upMoira Stewart, Adrian Chiles, Jay Bl...

AFBEELD: Ex British special forces officer behind Biden ‘China deal

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EKSKLUSIEF: Elusive former British special forces officer who helped secure Joe Biden's '10% stake in dirty China deal' is pictured for the first time in Prague where he founded consultancy firm involved in secret arr...

DIY SOS: The Big Build returns with a Children in Need special

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DIY SOS: The Big Build returns to transform scrubland into a sprawling camp site complete with adventure playground, timber-clad kitchen and cycle track for underprivileged children in HullDIY SOS: The Big Build retu...

Harry Potter cast ‘offered a large sumto film TV reunion special

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'Everyone is hopeful it will happen': Harry Potter cast have been 'offered a large sum of money' to film TV reunion special later this month The cast of Harry Potter have reportedly been invited to film a one-off spe...

NYC man lies about special needs boy in the back of his stolen car

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NYC man, 33, is arrested after LYING to cops that a 7-year-old boy with Down syndrome was in the back of his stolen Ford Mustang so that it would be 'found quicker'Queens man James Reyes, 33, was arrested on Sunday a...

Netflix workers file charges against company after Chappelle special

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Two trans Netflix workers file labor charges claiming the company retaliated against them for raising complaints about Dave Chappelle's controversial comedy special: One was fired and the other was suspendedTwo Netfl...

Transgender-komediant TERUG Dave Chappelle ná omstrede spesiale aanbieding

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Transgender-komediant TERUG Dave Chappelle en sê trans-stand-ups kan nie hul optrede op hul oorgang fokus nie en kla as ander ook oor die kwessie grap Die komediant Flame Monroe het Dave Chappell onlangs ondersteun..

Zendaya commands attention at the special screening of Dune

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Uit hierdie wêreld! Zendaya commands attention in a sequinned white gown as she leads the red carpet glamour at the star-studded premiere of science-fiction epic Dune adverts.addToArray({"pos":"leier_wyd"})Adverteer ...

Netflix boss Ted Sarandos defends Dave Chappelle’s The Closer special

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Netflix boss Ted Sarandos defends Dave Chappelle's The Closer special to staff telling them 'content on screen doesn't translate to real-world harm'Sarandos sent a memo to all Netflix staff on Monday defending Chappe...

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