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Scientists say they’ve found a previously unknown whale species

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New species of beaked whale 'as big as a horse' that may have been on the planet as long as humans is discovered living off the coast of MexicoNew species of beaked whale found near San Benito Islands off coast of Me...

Scientists describe new ichthyosaur species found in Dorset

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New species of prehistoric 'sea dragon' that roamed the Earth 150 million years ago is unearthed on a Dorset beach with the remains of its last fish supper in its bellyRemains of new species T. etchesi were found in ...

Klein paddasoorte onder reekse vondste in Andes 'hemeleilande’

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Twintig nuwe spesies word op Bolivia se geïsoleerde 'hemel-eilande' ontdek, waaronder 'n miniatuurkikker, 'n giftige pitorm en 'n treffende pers koppie-orgidee Kombinasie van nuwe en herontdekte spesies in die wolk..

Wêreld se lelikste orgidee onder Kew se nuwe spesie van 2020

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Wêreld se lelikste orgidee, 'n paddastoel van die Heathrow-lughawe en 'n potensiële toekomstige voedsel uit Peru is onder die lys van Kew se nuwe soorte plante en swamme wat in 2020 ontdek is. Kenners van Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew het p..

New plant species found in the rugged mountains of Hawaii

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New plant species found in the rugged mountains of Hawaii produces long, curved white flowers that look like 'uncooked French fries'Botanists discovered a new plant species in Hawaii called Cyanea heluensis However,...

New snake species has been ‘hidingin a museum’s collection for years

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New species of snake is discovered in a Kansas museum through DNA analysis after it was misidentified when it was preserved more than a decade agoLevitonius mirus, or the Waray dwarf burrowing snake, is from the Phil...

One in four wild bee specieshaven’t been seen since the 1990s

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Quarter of wild bee species worldwide have VANISHED in the last 30 years as scientists hint at coming 'cataclysm' for the vital pollinatorsStudy finds 25 per cent fewer bee species reported between 2006 en 2015 This...

Chameleon species where males have unusually large genitals discovered

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New species of chameleon where the males have unusually large genitals for sex with bigger females is discoveredThe joint team of scientists named the new Chameleon species Brookesia nana The size of Brookesia nana'...

Global wildlife trade ‘is causing 60% fall in species abundance

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Illegal trading of wildlife for pets, traditional medicines and luxury foods is driving declines of over 60% in species abundance, study claimsScientists performed a 'meta-analysis' of the wildlife trade based on 31 ...

Now ANTS go non-binary! Newly discovered species named ‘they

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Now ANTS go non-binary! Newly discovered insect is the first animal species to be given a scientific name ending with 'they' in recognition of the gender identityResearchers reveal they've named ant found in Ecuador ...

Blue tits are threatening other species, scientists warn

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Bird feeders 'wreck the pecking order': Blue tits use garden food dispensers... but the extra meals are boosting breeding levels and threatening other species, scientists warnScientists analysed blue tit droppings wh...

Wêreld se kleinste ape, 100-gram pygmy marmosets, is twee spesies

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Die wêreld se kleinste ape, die 100 gram dwergmarmosette, behoort tot twee verskillende spesies Die wêreld se kleinste ape, pygmy marmosets, is nie een nie, maar eintlik twee afsonderlike spesies Hulle word deur hul DNA geskei ...

Dinosaur ‘maternity wardused by seven species found in the ARCTIC

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Dinosaur 'maternity ward' is unearthed in the ARCTIC: Scientists find first evidence that seven species including tyrannosaurs and 'polar bear lizards' reproduced in Earth's colder regionsPalaeontologists found the t...

Invasive species have cost the UK more than £5 BILLION over 50 jare

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Invasive species including the grey squirrel and Japanese knotweed have cost the UK economy more than £5 BILLION over the past 50 jare, experts predictAn invasive species is one that has been introduced to a region ...

A third of shark and ray species overfished to near extinction: studeer

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Byna 40% of all shark and ray species are near EXTINCTION because of overfishing, habitat loss and climate change, new study warnsOne-third of all shark and ray species are now 'threatened with extinction' The num...

Law on exotic pets ‘must be changed to save species

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Law on exotic pets 'must be changed to save species': Rules need radical overhaul to stop animals heading for extinction, campaigners warnBorn Free Foundation and RSPCA want public to choose pets from list of animals...

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