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Hearse carrying casket pulls out to speed past a minibus in Ireland

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Late for your own funeral? Moment hearse carrying a casket speeds past a slow-moving minibus in IrelandTom Bourke posted footage from car travelling behind a coffin-bearing hearse Despite the precious cargo the drive...

Byna die helfte van spoedkameras werk NIE te midde van 'poskode-lotery nie’

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Byna die helfte van spoedkameras werk NIE: Bestuurders staar 'poskode-lotery' in die gesig as hulle gevang word soos ondersoek onthul 523 uit 1,092 kameras is stukkend en kampvegters reik veiligheidswaarskuwing uit Geen spoedkameras werk in nr..

Idaho officer charged over death of former Olympic speed skater

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Married Russian sheriff's deputy who emigrated to the US as a mail order bride, 49, is charged with abuse after she 'duped ex-Olympic speed skater, 68, dying from MAD COW DISEASE into romance and forced him to leave ...

Dr Fauci says Omicron spreads at ‘truly unprecedented’ spoed

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Fauci says Omicron spreads at 'truly unprecedented' rate and cases WILL double every two days as CDC chief warns double-vaxxed is 'not enough' to be safe: US records more than 250,000 daily cases for the first time s...

Cheating husband caught out by SPEED CAMERA after wife is sent a fine

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Cheating husband is caught out by SPEED CAMERA: Unsuspecting German wife is sent a traffic fine with photo evidence… and realises it is ANOTHER woman driving hubby's carThe woman appeared at Düsseldorf district court...

Met police officer who killed man was driving three times speed limit

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Metropolitan police officer who killed charity worker on zebra crossing in West London was driving three times the speed limit, court hearsMet police officer was three times speed limit when he killed charity worker ...

OBITUARY: Speed junkie Frank Williams was one of F1’s great survivors

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OBITUARY: Speed junkie Frank Williams was one of sport’s great survivors, and not even the 1986 crash that left him a quadriplegic could stop him dominating F1... but the death of Ayrton Senna would always haunt himB...

Homeowner builds bird box to look like a SPEED CAMERA to slow drivers

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Homeowner builds bird box that looks just like a SPEED CAMERA in bid to slow down passing driversMike Wrathmall from Billingham in County Durham was outraged over speeding The 44-year-old said an added bonus was wild...

Motorist, 40, hits out at ‘over-zealousspeed watch volunteers

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Motorist, 40, slams 'aggressive and over-zealous' community speed watch volunteers for 'shouting', leaning into his vehicle and asking 'how do we known this car isn't stolen'Phil Dewhurst, 40, stopped by speed watch ...

Covid booster jabs must speed up to avoid winter hospital overcrowding

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Covid booster jab uptake 'is too slow to stop overcrowded hospitals' this winter as immunity wanes and cases soar by 30% aan 45,140 - after lab WRONGLY told tens of thousands of they were negativeOne month into the bo...

People who drink energy drinks twice as likely to break speed limit

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Red Bull really DOES gives you wings! People who have at least one energy drink a week are TWICE as likely to break the speed limit, study claimsStudy shows a genetic 'need for excitement' could be driving risky beha...

Is Germany set to bring in Autobahn speed limit?

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Is Germany set to bring in Autobahn speed limit? Green party's role in new government could see drivers forced to slow down on country's famous roadsGerman politicians have for years debated a 80mph limit but never i...

Olympic speed skater Elise Christie reveals she was drugged and raped

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EKSKLUSIEF: 'I tried to run but he kept chasing me. Then he bundled me into a taxi': GB Olympic speed skater Elise Christie reveals she was drugged and raped - and hopes harrowing account of 2010 attack will help othe...

Tesla’s Model S Plaid sets world speed record for production EVs

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Moment Tesla's Model S Plaid sets world speed record for production EVs as it knocks 11 seconds off previous Nürburgring track fastest time in GermanyTesla's Model S Plaid set a new world speed record at Germany's N...

Britain’s worst speed cameras: Six more revealed as fleecing motorists

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How many MORE of Britain's speed cameras are faulty? Experts blame police for setting up faulty Southampton camera incorrectly - and there could be at least another six cameras with the same problemThousands of motor...

Britain’s busiest speed camera that raked in more than £5m is FAULTY

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Britain's busiest speed camera is FAULTY and authorities may have to repay £5m in fines it made in three years after driver proved it had recorded him doing double his actual 25mph30mph camera in Maybray King Way, So ...

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