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Eric Clapton is beboet nadat hy afgetrek is omdat hy in sy Porsche gejaag het

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Slowhand Eric Clapton, 77, word met £124 beboet nadat hy deur die polisie afgetrek is vir spoed in sy PorscheSussex Polisie het hom aangekla van die versuim om inligting oor sy identiteit te verskaf Clapton het drie punte gekry ...

Katie Price won’t face jail for speeding in her BMW days before crash

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Katie Price won't face jail for speeding in her BMW just days before drink drive crash: Reality star will not appear before magistrates today as case is dealt with under 'single justice procedure' that rules on minor...

Cains brouery magnaat vermy spoed verbod

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Cains brewery tycoon who appeared on Asian Rich List avoids speeding ban after convincing court that police letter got lost in the postAjmail Dusanj, 55, 'n bestuursverbod in die gesig gestaar weens spoedoortredings in die suide van Liverpool ...

Chirurgie-verslaafde sosiale media-ster wil tweede vaginale prosedure hê’

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Chirurgie-verslaafde sosiale media-ster wil tweede vaginale prosedure hê, veral bekend vir sy vertolking van Phil Mitchell, veral bekend vir sy vertolking van Phil Mitchell 10 veral bekend vir sy vertolking van Phil Mitchell.

Pilates teacher jailed for trying to dodge speeding fines

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'Arrogant' Pilates teacher, 37, who given a suspended sentence for running up £35,000 bill on client's credit card is jailed for 16 months after trying to dodge two speeding finesRhian Keys, from South Hampstead, Lon...

Where are Britain’s worst speeding locations?

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Police catch motorist clocking up a staggering 191mph on the M1 as new research reveals WHERE in the UK you are most likely to be caught speedingTemporary car insurance company Go Shorty sought data under the FOI act...

Speeding snow plow causes a car wreck

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Terrifying moment blundering snow plow driver sends torrent of icy debris into oncoming traffic - vertrek 40 vehicles damaged and 12 people hurtFootage taken on trucker Michael Lemon's dashcam on January 23 shows wre...

Ex Aston Villa star Glenn Whelan dodges speeding ban

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Ex Aston Villa star Glenn Whelan, 38, dodges speeding ban for doing 49mph in a 40mph zone after telling court he needs to be able to drive 156 miles to play for Bristol RoversGlenn Whelan, 38, was caught doing 49mph ...

A speeding car hits woman and two boys in west London

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Moment a speeding car hits woman and two boys as they cross road in west London before driver is arrested at the sceneWARNING: DISTRESSING CONTENT A driver sped and crashed into a family crossing the road in Ruislip...

Oomblik spoedbestuurder het teen 80mph in die bokspromotor se motor vasgery

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'He would have gone straight over me': Moment a speeding hit-and-run driver smashes into boxing promoter's car at 80mph just a split-second after he got out of the wayBoxing promotor Andy Booker's parked car was cras...

parkeerkaartjies elke DAG deur private firmas

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parkeerkaartjies elke DAG deur private firmas.

Met police officer who tried to dodge speeding ticket avoids jail

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PC, 36, who was shopped to police by his angry ex-girlfriend for trying to dodge a speeding ticket and get her to 'take the points' avoids jailPC Richard Hammond pressured drama teacher Vicky Courtis into lying He wa...

Suspected bike jackers speeding off with another stolen high-end bike

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Op die foto: Suspected Richmond Park bike jackers speed off on a motorcycle after THIRD high-end bike robbery in six daysPictures believed to be of suspected bike jackers escaping with a bicycle on a motorcycle were pos...

Moment drink-driver smashes car into speeding TRAIN at level crossing

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Terrifying moment drink-driver, 27, smashes Range Rover into speeding TRAIN at level crossing... then crawls from wreck to call his MOTHER for a liftMichael Rochford, 27, smashed his Range Rover into a speeding train...

Speeding driver spins out of control and smashes into parked cars

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Shocking moment speeding driver spins out of control and smashes into three parked cars after being clipped by a vehicle turning across junctionCCTV captures the moment a blue Ford Fiesta clips front of another vehic...

Woman leans out car window with AK47 at San Francisco speeding event

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Downtown Kabul or the Bay Area? Shocking moment a women leans out a car window brandishing an AK47 in San Francisco amid crime surge and police budget cutsA Cadillac pictured in a dynamic photo with a woman dangling ...

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