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‘Skysurfer’ draaie 160 times before landing dive from 13,500 voete

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Spin me right round – like a Guinness World Record breaker! Daring 'skysurfer' completes dizzying jump in which he manages to spin 160 times before landingThe world record-breaking skydive took place on November 1 ov...

Watertuit draai deur die Tirreense See langs die kus van die Italiaanse hoofstad

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Wat in die warrel? Romeine word bekoor terwyl watertuit deur die Tirreense See langs die kus van die Italiaanse hoofstad tol. Ongewone weerverskynsel sny 'n stuk deur die see naby die Romeinse dorp Fiumicino, ...

Paraglider tol buite beheer in sterk winde en tref kraglyn

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Paraglider spins out of control in high winds and hits high-voltage power line with a bang as he plunges onto city street in BrazilParaglider Jose A. van Lacerda, 48, loses control and plunges onto ground Landed on R...

Father-of-three spins basketball on knives, pencils, spoons and more

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Spin ball wizard! Father-of-three shows off his basketball tricks – incorporating knives, pencils and even his spoon while he eats cerealAnthony Lefley, 32, van Essex, has become a TikTok sensation for his tricks Th...

Speeding driver spins out of control and smashes into parked cars

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Shocking moment speeding driver spins out of control and smashes into three parked cars after being clipped by a vehicle turning across junctionCCTV captures the moment a blue Ford Fiesta clips front of another vehic...

Campervan spins around on the M40 outside Oxford

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Terrifying moment out-of-control camper van narrowly misses small car as it spins across busy motorway and smashes into a wallKeiron Culley, 24, was driving on the M40 towards Oxford when he heard a bang Initially, t ...