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Has BGT lost its spirit? Series accused of flooding lineup with pros

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Has Britain's Got Talent lost its spirit? Show is accused of ditching unknown hopefuls for pro performers - but defensive Simon Cowell insists there are 'LESS than before' Britain's Got Talent made its return to scre...

Patricia Nicol reveals a selection of books on: Christmas spirit

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Patricia Nicol svela i migliori libri su: Christmas spiritPatricia Nicol admits that she spent most of the past week in bed, convalescing Sorrow And Bliss by Meg Mason is of this year's most tal...

L'assistente di Moment Spirit Airlines fa scherzi ai passeggeri con una proposta falsa

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"Abbiamo un annuncio fantastico": L'assistente di Moment Spirit Airlines fa uno scherzo ai passeggeri con una falsa proposta di matrimonio durante il volo per Miami Un'assistente di volo ha sorpreso i passeggeri su un aereo per Miami con una falsa proposta..

Oxford Street leads festive light switch-on as London gets into spirit

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas: Oxford Street leads festive light switch-on as London gets into the Yuletide spiritIn a simultaneous event, Christmas displays across the capital were illuminated together...

Haunted by a ‘pure evil’ spirito

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A ghost story spooky enough to give even sceptics the chills: Geneticist who 'doesn't believe in ghosts' recalls facing an 'evil spirit' in his university halls - only to learn THREE former residents had diedGenetici...

Spirit Airlines engine erupts in flames and deploys evacuation slides

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Spirit Airlines jet engine erupts in flames after hitting a large bird during take off from Atlantic City forcing passengers to evacuate using slidesA Florida-bound plane trying to take off from Atlantic City Airport...

Blithe Spirit review: The evening belongs to Jennifer Saunders

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The evening belongs to Jennifer Saunders... what a pleasure it is to see her find the perfect medium for her huge comic talents in Blithe Spirit Blithe Spirit Harold Pinter Theatre, London Until Novem...

Students at UT-Austin sue over ‘racistEyes of Texas spirit song

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University of Texas at Austin students sue school because it refuses to cancel its 'racist' spirit song 'The Eyes of Texas'The lawsuit was filed by the state and campus NAACP and anonymous students It claims the scho...

London Spirit coach Warne missed game after positive Covid-19 test

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London Spirit head coach Shane Warne tests positive for Covid-19 and misses their Hundred clash against Southern Brave at Lord'sShane Warne was not present at Lord's for London Spirit's latest Hundred match The Austr...

Material Girls review: A curious mind and a generous spirit

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Anyone who has felt confounded by the shifting debate about sex and gender will find some clarity here in Material Girls by Kathleen Stock Material Girls Kathleen Stock ...

Wife of psychic reveals spirit of her mother-in-law visits the bedroom

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Psychic couple claim that both their late MOTHERS visit them at night and bounce on the bed to make their presence felt (but luckily don't stick around for intimate moments)Jane Drew and her psychic husband David hav...

The real reason crocodiles pose with ‘spirit fingers’ in acqua

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Insane pictures show crocodiles doing 'SPIRIT FINGERS' while lurking around in water - but experts say the unusual pose is a genius hunting techniqueSaltwater crocodile photographed in bizarre position in Northern Te...

Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit FAILS drugs test

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'So now even our Kentucky Derby winner is a junky': Trump weighs in after horse Medina Spirit tests positive for anti-inflammatory drug and trainer is suspendedMedina Spirit, ridden by jockey John Velazquez had secur...

JOHN HUMPHRYS: Week the British spirit stood up to the bullies

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JOHN HUMPHRYS: Week the British spirit stood up to the bullies. Even I was inspired — and I haven't watched a whole football match since 1966! There will never be another football match like it. I write that with com...

Spirit kicks autistic boy, 4, off flight for not wearing a mask

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Spirit Airlines kicks autistic boy and his dad off a flight from Las Vegas to Dallas because the four-year-old wasn't wearing a mask despite having a note from his doctor exempting himCarter Kimball, who is non-verba...

RUTH SUNDERLAND: Give us the post-war spirit

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RUTH SUNDERLAND: Like post-war 1945, coronavirus and Brexit could provide a once-in-a-generation renewal, if we can seize the momentCovid-19 provides an opportunity to move to a more inclusive capitalism Chancellor ...