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Spooky buildings that look like they’re out of a sci-fi movie

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Spooky enough for a super villain! People share snaps of buildings that look like they're straight out of a sci-fi movie - from a church 'shooting out laser beams' to a VERY unwelcoming hotel Ever seen a bui...

Exploring spooky Suffolk as an M. R. James ghost story airs on BBC2

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As one of M. R. James’s classic ghost stories hits our screens this Christmas, it’s time to explore... spooky wooky Suffolk!Christopher Hart retraces the footsteps of M. R. James from the 'sleepy' village Great Liver...

Questo spaventoso scoiattolo si veste per Halloween

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Nutkin di scoiattolo, incontra lo scoiattolo zucca! Spooky rodent dresses up for Halloween These photos show the spooky Halloween scenes set up by a photographer in his garden in order to capture squirrels with pumpkins...

Rivelato: Britain’s most haunted hotels for the ultimate spooky stay

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Cavalieri senza testa, ghosts playing phantom pianos and mysterious footsteps: Would YOU stay in one of Britain's most haunted hotels or inns?Britain is home to many haunted hotels, with several offering ghost tours arou...

I bambini spaventosi spaventano i genitori con storie sulle loro "vite passate"’

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'Papà, Ho avuto una vita passata!' Parents share VERY creepy stories of children who claim they've been reincarnated - from a boy who says he was a soldier to a girl who claims she died in a car crashBritish parents have...

Teen photographer captures ‘spookyface in clouds above Aussie town

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The storm demon: Teen photographer captures 'spooky' face in the clouds above his remote Aussie townBudding photographer Jarvis Smallman captured amazing pic in Hopetoun, WA In the remarkable photo, it appears a hum...

Spooky Gothic mansion could be yours for £1.25million

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Frightmove! Spooky Gothic mansion that resembles a haunted house could be yours for £1.25million - but horror-show interior needs a TOTAL renovationBryn Corach once stood as a hotel overlooking an historic castle wit...

Nella foto: 'Copione’ driver of truck ‘playing spooky evacuation audio

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Nella foto: 'Copycat' driver of box truck 'playing ANOTHER spooky message urging people to evacuate' who was arrested 30 miles from where RV blew up in NashvilleJames Turgeon, 33, was arrested on Sunday in Rutherford C...