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Teacher urges parents to stop children watching Squid Game

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School issues warning to parents over Netflix hit Squid Game after pupils were caught viewing 'gory and explicit' scenes on TikTok and mobile appsIvanhoe College has urged parents to prevent pupils watching Squid Gam...

North Korean sentenced to execution over having copy of Squid Game

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North Korean is sentenced to execution by firing squad after students were caught watching a copy of Squid Game he'd smuggled into the countryMan believed to have brought digital copy of Squid Game back from China He...

Squid Game’s Hwang Dong-hyuk on film safety protocols in Korea

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'I have never seen a real bullet': Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk compares on-set safety protocols in Korea to U.S. ... in wake of tragic deadly shooting on Rust set Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk opened up o...

Squid Games creator had ‘two different scenariosfor the ending

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Squid Games creator Hwang Dong-hyuk reveals he 'wrestled between two different scenarios' for the ending of the hit Netflix show and says he did consider an alternate happy outcomeSquid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk s...

AZIENDA IN DIRETTA: Crypto Squid scammers pocket $2m; BP profits rise

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AZIENDA IN DIRETTA: Crypto Squid scammers pocket $2m; BP profits buoyed by oil prices; Homebuying process speeds up The creators of a cryptocurrency inspired by Netflix series Squid Game have reportedly pulled the plug on...

Chinese surgeons ‘should be bannedover real-life ‘Squid Game

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ESCLUSIVO: Renowned Aussie doctor calls for ALL Chinese surgeons to be BANNED from Western hospitals and unis amid claim many are returning to China to take part in its 'real-life Squid Game' organ harvesting marketW...

Youku accusato di aver copiato Netflix con il nuovo spettacolo chiamato Squid Victory

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Il gioco di calamari "svergognoso" cinese "truffa": Il gigante dello streaming Youku è accusato di aver copiato il successo di Netflix con lo spettacolo "Squid Victory" con "giochi per bambini su larga scala" e poster promozionali quasi identici..

Il comune esorta i genitori a non permettere ai bambini di guardare Squid Game

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Il consiglio inglese esorta i genitori a non consentire ai bambini di guardare Squid Game "violento" e "grafico" dopo aver riferito che bambini di sei anni stanno copiando lo spettacolo Netflix di successo nel cortile della scuola Central Bedfordshire co...

Squid Blame! Hit Netflix show may breed bullies, esperto avverte

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Squid Game could be harming young viewers' 'social and emotional development and might breed bullies, expert warnsParents may teach their children to be bullies by letting them watch Squid Game Dr Sandra Wheatley sai...

Svelato il vero gioco cinese del calamaro

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China's real-life Squid Game: How organs are harvested from THOUSANDS every week for a 'kill to order' market - and why the world is powerless to stop it... 'They'll take your liver and you won't even know'China has ...

Netflix reveals Squid Game is their biggest launch EVER

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Netflix reveals Squid Game is the streaming service's biggest launch EVER with 111 million fans Netflix's Squid Game has become the biggest launch in the streaming service's history, con 111 million fans watching th...

Fashion labels throw offers star of Squid Game star HoYeon Jung

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Squids in! Big fashion labels including Louis Vuitton throw money at stunning star of Netflix sensation Squid Game HoYeon Jung as she gains 17million Instagram followers in just one WEEK She plays a debt-ridden defec...

Squid ‘larger than a humanis spotted swimming the Red Sea

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Massive purpleback flying squid 'larger than a human' with an arrowhead-shaped fins is spotted swimming around a shipwreck 2,800 feet below the Red SeaBiologists investigating the depths of the Red Sea stumbled upon ...

Schools warn parents not to let children watch Squid Game

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Schools warn parents not to let children watch Squid Game after pupils were caught copying scenes from violent Netflix showSchools warm parents not to let children watch Netflix horror series Squid Game South Korean ...

Have you been watching Netflix’s Squid Game the WRONG way?

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Have you been watching Netflix's Squid Game the WRONG way? Fierce debate is sparked online about the 'right' way to experience the popular South Korean series South Korean survival drama Squid Game is shaping up to b...

Squid Game’s English subtitles ‘change meaning of Netflix show

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Squid Game could be even WORSE! English subtitles on gorey Netflix show 'sanitise' characters, make the dialogue 'basic' and completely change the meaning of episodes, Korean speakers claim Korean speakers say Netfli...