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Passionate Tube couple’s steamy snog lasts three stops

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Not a mask in sight! Passionate Tube couple's steamy snog lasts three stops as they are studiously ignored by embarrassed fellow passengersMartin Besserman was travelling on the Central line at around 2pm on Sunday H...

Suid-Afrika STOP kontakopsporing en kwarantyn

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Suid-Afrika STOP kontakopsporing en kwarantyn: Nasie waar Omicron opgestyg het, sal nie asimptomatiese Covid-lyers laat isoleer nie, want die insluiting van die virus is 'nie meer lewensvatbaar' nie, Suid-Afrika se gesondheidsowerhede..

Father-in-law stops Christmas tree lights from getting tangled

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It’s a wrap! Father-in-law comes up with a novel way to stop Christmas tree lights getting tangledElouise Oakley, 41, captured the footage in Newton-le-Willows on December 1 They were decorating an artificial tree wi...

Meta’s new tool stops revenge porn from spreading on its platforms

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Meta launches tool to stop revenge porn from spreading on Facebook and Instagram - but users concerned of being victimized must upload images and videos to a third-party website to make a caseThe tool is a global web...

‘Killjoycouncil stops children from playing football in park

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'Killjoy' council stops children from playing football in park by blocking goal with a wooden fenceBrian Reeby painted an outline of a football goal on his garage 35 years ago Mid Devon Council has erected a £3,500 r...

A grieving mother who lost her daughter stops talking to her husband

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Woman grieving the death of her daughter, 20, says she 'never wants to speak to her husband again' after he told workmates in the pub that they only have three sons - but some claim SHE is being 'unfair'British mothe...

Operation stops goldfish going blind after developing a tumour on eye

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Saving Nemo! Hour-long operation stops trainee vet's beloved goldfish Dotty going blind after developing a tumour on its left eyeTrainee vet Caroline McHugh's goldfish Dotty developed a tumour on her left eye She gav...

What are YOUR rights if cop stops you on street?

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What are YOUR rights if cop stops you on street? Ex-police chief explains key questions and actions public can take if undercover officer tries to arrest youCouzens tricked Sarah Everard into his car after staging a ...

Fury as new Northern Line Extension stops short of Clapham Junction

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The slick £1.1bn Tube line (for the rich): Fury over new Northern Line Extension to swanky Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station which stops short of Clapham Junction where it would benefit THOUSANDS of LondonersSome...

Frankryk stop twee-derdes meer trekbote na dreigemente van finansiering

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Frankryk stop twee-derdes meer trekbote ná die dreigement van Priti Patel om £ 54 miljoen se geld af te sny - maar 1,115 het binne tien dae steeds daarin geslaag om die kus van die Verenigde Koninkryk te bereik.

Punte & Spencer stops stocking suits: Sales fall by 72%

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Marks & Spencer stops stocking suits: Sales of tailored office wear fall by 72% as people working from home shun formal attire for chinos and elasticated joggersRetail chain only stocks suits in 110 van 254 UK stores,...

IMF stops £330m in aid from falling into hands of the Taliban

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IMF stops £330m in aid from falling into hands of the Taliban following pressure from US TreasuryInternational Monetary Fund blocks £330million Afghanistan was due to receive As a result of the fall of Kabul to the T...

Surgical glue inspired by BARNACLES stops bleeding in 15 sekondes

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Surgical glue inspired by the sticky substance that BARNACLES use to cling to rocks stops bleeding in as little as 15 secondsScientists have developed new surgical glue which stops bleeding in 15 seconds It's inspire...

Delays singer Greg Gilbert stops treatment for Stage 4 dermkanker

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Lead singer of indie band Delays, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer in 2016, reveals he's stopped treatment - as father-of-two, 44, says he now faces an 'uncertain future'Singer and artist Greg Gilbert, 44,...

Sydney faces TOUGHER lockdown as army stops people leaving their homes

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Now Sydney faces HARDER lockdown as thousands in Covid hotspots ignore plea to stay home and Australian Army soldiers stop people from leaving their houses more than onceCalls made for even tougher restrictions to r...

Tesla autopilot stops Model S after ‘drunk driverfell asleep

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Moment Tesla autopilot brings Model S to a stop by itself after 'drunk driver' fell asleep at the wheel in NorwayTesla's Autopilot automatically stopped vehicle on a Norwegian highway when it detected the driver was ...

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