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Twitter interrompe "Hang Mike Pence’ trend

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Twitter finalmente interviene per fermare le tendenze di "Hang Mike Pence" - poche ore dopo aver bandito Donald Trump per "incitamento alla violenza" La frase era di tendenza nelle prime ore del sabato, dopo che Twitter ha vietato definitivamente.

Funeral for one of Britain’s oldest identical twins stops at shop

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Funeral for one of Britain's oldest identical twins stops off at her favourite supermarket Asda where she was loyal customer for 20 yearsDoris Hobday, 96, died after a two-week battle with coronavirus in January Fun...

Husky sees woman faint, stops exercising, opens dog door, gets help

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The real life Lassie! Husky sees woman faint, so stops its treadmill exercise session, lets itself out of shop and fetches help... before getting back to its workoutAlaska managed to save its owner after she fainted ...

Delays singer Greg Gilbert stops treatment for Stage 4 tumore all'intestino

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Cantante della band indie Delays, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer in 2016, reveals he's stopped treatment - as father-of-two, 44, says he now faces an 'uncertain future'Singer and artist Greg Gilbert, 44,...

Marks & Spencer stops stocking suits: Sales fall by 72%

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Marks & Spencer stops stocking suits: Sales of tailored office wear fall by 72% as people working from home shun formal attire for chinos and elasticated joggersRetail chain only stocks suits in 110 di 254 UK stores,...

Britain’s biggest travel insurance provider stops offering policies

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Britain's biggest travel insurance provider stops offering new policies just as school summer holidays begin and international travel industry reopensTravel Insurance Facilities blamed its German insurer for the 'tem...

Dog stops traffic to get help for her owner who suffered a seizure

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Real-life Lassie! Heroic dog stops traffic to get help for her owner who suffered a seizure on their walk and collapsed on the side of the roadCanadian Haley Moore was walking her one-and-a-half-year-old dog, Clover,...

Una donna disperata di usare le fermate del bagno dopo aver visto un serpente

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Una donna alla disperata ricerca di usare il bagno si ferma dopo aver visto un grosso serpente a guardia del bagno nel suo gabinetto all'aperto - ma questo non la fermaLouisa Caruso da Sydney occidentale aveva un disperato bisogno di andare al b ...

Kamala Harris’ niece STOPS selling clothing using the VP’s name

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Meet Kamala Harris' VERY ambitious niece: Stanford and Harvard Law grad is told to STOP selling clothing line using VP's name as her children's book that name drops her aunt soars to fourth on NY Times bestseller lis...

McDonald's smette di servire pasti da asporto in TUTTE le filiali del Regno Unito

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McDonald's smette di servire pasti da asporto in TUTTE le filiali del Regno Unito e dell'Irlanda a causa di Covid - ma offrirà drive-thru e consegne McDonald's sta chiudendo tutti i suoi 1,300 ristoranti in tutta la Gran Bretagna da asporto da asporto dopo ...

IMF stops £330m in aid from falling into hands of the Taliban

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IMF stops £330m in aid from falling into hands of the Taliban following pressure from US TreasuryInternational Monetary Fund blocks £330million Afghanistan was due to receive As a result of the fall of Kabul to the T...

Border Force stops boat with up to 35 migrants off Sussex coast

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Border Force stops boat in ferrying up to 35 migrants towards Sussex coast - the second Channel dash made since UK officially left EU on New Year's DayBoat believed to be carrying 35 migrants including 5 children was...

Dorset chalk rider disappears as Covid stops gardeners removing WEEDS

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The PALER Horse: 320ft chalk rider carved into Dorset hillside 216 years ago is now barely visible after Covid stops gardeners from removing WEEDS The 216 year old landmark is has not been maintained as usual for mor...

Royal Academy stops selling artist’s work amid ‘transphobia’ reclami

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Feminist artist is cancelled by the Royal Academy after trans activists complained about her blog calling a woman 'an adult human female' and criticising StonewallRoyal Academy of Arts has pulled Jess de Wahls' work ...

Argentina stops flights from Brazil, Mexico and Chile due to COVID-19

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Argentina announces the suspension of all flights from Brazil, Chile and Mexico to stop different strains of the coronavirus from being spread through the countryThe Argentine government will suspend flights from Bra...

Sydney faces TOUGHER lockdown as army stops people leaving their homes

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Now Sydney faces HARDER lockdown as thousands in Covid hotspots ignore plea to stay home and Australian Army soldiers stop people from leaving their houses more than onceCalls made for even tougher restrictions to r...