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Learn your lines: Van Catherine Polli

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Van Catherine Polli: Van Catherine Polli, furniture or accessories, here's how to add this classic pattern to your homeSmart and versatile stripes add a grown-up look to a home Slim stripes can help...

Hero stripes down to underwear to rescue stranded dog from icy lake

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'You can rescue me any day': Viewers swoon over Ukrainian 'hero' after he strips to his underpants and wades into icy river to save dogVideo shows hero jumping into freezing lake in Donetsk, Oekraïne, to save dog Man ...

Joanne Hegarty: My outlook? Vetgedruk, with scattered stripes!

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Joanne Hegarty: My outlook? Vetgedruk, with scattered stripes! Beating the January blues in this teal corduroy suit by Aspiga. Sak, vintage Hermes What gets me through dark, dank January – let’s be honest, de ...

Catherine Zeta-Jones, 51, sports stripes while yachting in Ibiza

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Catherine Zeta-Jones EXCLUSIVE: Aktrise, 51, looks sensational as she sports a striped swim top and matching bottoms while yachting in Ibiza Catherine Zeta-Jones stunned in stripes as she enjoyed her summer in Ibiza ...

Clownfish stripes develop differently depending on their host anemone

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How Nemo got his stripes: Clownfish develop white bars at different speeds depending on the sea anemone they live in, study findsClownfish develop white bars when they metamorphose from larvae to adults Experts noted...

Russian troops paint assault vehicles with ‘invasion stripes

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Russian troops paint assault vehicles with 'invasion stripes' as Putin's force grows to 107,000 along Ukraine border with 1,300 main battle tanksUkrainian government report estimates the Kremlin will deploy up to 30,...

Bye, Om die speserye te stoor, florals, stripestrainers get oh-so pretty

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Hoe om aan te trek soos 'n grootmens met Shane Watson: Bye, Om die speserye te stoor, florals, stripes ... trainers get oh-so prettyShane Watson shares her advice for embracing this year's trainers trend She suggests taking inspiration fr...