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Wild monkeys ‘are disease SUPERSPREADERS’, study finds

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Wild monkeys that live in large groups near humans are disease 'superspreaders' - and the most sociable animals should be VACCINATED, study claimsScientists mapped how diseases spread among wildlife populations When w...

White rice is just as bad for your heart as CANDY, study suggests

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White rice and pasta are just as bad for your heart as CANDY, study suggestsRefined grains increase the amount of fat in the blood, known as triglyceride This can clog blood vessels and worsen the likelihood of corona...

Don’t go on weight-loss diet if you’re not obese, Harvard study hints

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Going on a weight-loss diet when you're not obese RAISES your risk of diabetes and makes you MORE likely to pile on the pounds later in life, major study warnsHarvard University researchers looked at people who lost a...

Study finds people who eat eggs five times a week are ‘healthier

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An egg a day might keep the flab at bay! Study finds people who eat eggs five times a week are slimmerSpanish study shows people who eat eggs at least five times a week are less fat Researchers compared eating habits...

Men with big penises are seen as more extroverted, study finds

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What your PENIS says about you: Men with big members and trimmed pubic hair are seen as more extroverted and open to new experiences – while those with smaller ones are perceived as more neuroticParticipants saw photo...

Foot massage could help menopausal women kick fatigue, study suggests

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Foot massage could help menopausal women kick fatigue by aiding restful sleep, study suggestsFoot massages can increase sleep and reduce fatigue in menopausal women The study was carried out by the North American Men...

Eat a handful of walnuts a day to lower your blood pressure, studia

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People who eat walnuts gain less weight, are at a lower risk of diseases like diabetes, heart disease and often maintain a healthy diet throughout the rest of their lives, study findsScientists at the University of Mi...

Anglo-Saxons were only 24% English, study reveals

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Anglo-Saxons were only 24% English! Mass migration into the UK from Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark during the Medieval period may have increased European ancestry up to 76%, study revealsResearchers analysed 460...

School uniforms are abundant in toxic ‘foreverchemicals, study finds

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Beware of... school uniforms! Study discovers they are abundant in toxic 'forever' chemicals which are linked to cancer and infertilityExperts testing clothes found school uniforms are rife with 'forever chemicals' Ca...