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The rich are more likely to be mean, while the poor are kinder, studia

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Money really IS the root of all evil! Rich people are more likely to be mean like Scrooge while the poor are kinder Tiny Tims, research showsResearchers studied information on 46,000 people from 67 different countrie...

Paying NHS bosses more doesn’t boost hospital quality, lo studio suggerisce

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Paying extra to NHS bosses does not boost quality of hospitals as managers spend more time on box-ticking than boosting performance, study suggestsEmploying more health managers doesn't improve NHS hospitals, a study...

Study warns Earth’s sixth mass extinction is HERE

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Earth's sixth mass extinction is HERE: Study blames humans for the disappearance of 260,000 species since 1500 and Elon Musk says there is a '100% chance' all will be wiped from the planetStudy says Earth is experien...

Il nostro cervello presta attenzione alle voci sconosciute durante il sonno, dice lo studio

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Perché addormentarsi davanti alla TV ti stanca: Voci sconosciute aumentano la tua attività cerebrale e ti impediscono di dormire sonni tranquilli, risultati dello studioGli scienziati hanno dotato i partecipanti di apparecchiature per il monitoraggio del cervello..

Earth’s interior is cooling faster than expected, lo studio suggerisce

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Earth's interior is cooling faster than expected meaning our planet will become inactive like Mercury and Mars much quicker than previously thought, study suggestsBridgmanite is the most common mineral at the Earth's...

Three quarters of right-wing academics ‘self-censorcampus study says

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Three quarters of right-wing academics are 'self-censoring' their political views on campus amid a higher education 'monoculture', report claimsThe Legatum Institute report said right-wing academics have to self-cens...

Language has become less rational and more emotional, reperti di studio

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Facts be damned: Rising use of emotional language like 'feel' and 'believe' has helped displace rational thought in 'post-truth era'A study find we are living in a post-truth era where feelings trump facts Data shows...

Mesopotamians bred powerful ass hybrids for warfare, reperti di studio

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How 'super donkeys' were the original war horses: Asses were interbred to be stronger and faster so they could haul a chariot into battle centuries before horses, analisi del DNA di 4,500 year-old skeletons reveals4,500...

Wearing a facemask makes you more attractive, reperti di studio

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Wearing a facemask makes you more attractive to the opposite sex, study findsA new study has found wearing a face mask makes you appear more attractive Cardiff University study asked 43 women to rank men's faces with...

Glandular fever may be bigger cause of MS, lo studio avverte

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Glandular fever may be the biggest cause of multiple sclerosis: 'Kissing disease' may raise risk of crippling illness by 32-fold, study warnsDecades long study tracked 10million US soldiers and linked a virus and MS ...

Women who get Covid late in pregnancy are most at risk, reperti di studio

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Mothers-to-be who get Covid within a month of their due date are at greatest risk of complications and are twice as likely to give birth prematurely, study findsScottish study tracked all births in country between De...

Sex killed 17 young Britons through heart attacks, lo studio rivela

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Appena 17 Britons have died from cardiac arrests while having sex over the past three decades, study revealsExperts analysed nearly 7,000 heart deaths recorded over 26 years in London Only a fraction of this total di...

New study suggests diverting NHS cash to schools after pandemic

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Divert NHS cash to schools to improve the nation's health after the pandemic, says new studyResearchers said lockdown will have devastating impact on generation's health Only 1 per cent of Covid support funding has g...

Trusting societies have fared better during the pandemic, dice lo studio

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Trusting societies like those in China and Scandinavia have fared better in the Covid pandemic than nations such as Britain and the US, study saysNations with most trusting populations saw Covid cases and deaths fall...

Stars might be born much faster than previously expected, affermazioni di studio

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Stars might be born much faster than previously expected in a discovery that would revolutionise the theory of how they form, study suggestsChinese astronomers studied the magnetic field of molecular cloud Lynds 1544...

Climate change will lead to increase in kidney stones, dice lo studio

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Climate change could spark a rise in KIDNEY STONES: Higher temperatures caused by greenhouse gases will lead to an increase in cases of the painful condition, experts claimComputer modelling suggests climate change w...