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Fatty alcohol made from fermented SUGAR could substitute palm oil

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Could a new palm oil substitute help save the rainforests? Unilever invests $120m in ingredient made from fermented SUGAR to replace palm and fossil fuel-based foaming agents in cleaning and beauty productsUnilever a...

Middle-schooler throws CHAIR at 73-year-old substitute teacher’s head

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Moment Texas middle school student hurls CHAIR at substitute teacher, 73, leaving blood pouring from man's face - with elderly victim then throwing TWO chairs back at unruly teenagerVideo on social media from last we...

Texas substitute teacher relieved of duty for singing Britney Spears

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He's toxic! Texas substitute teacher is 'relieved of duty' after turning up to high school with karaoke machine and lights before belting out Britney Spears' hit from his deskThe unidentified sub serenaded classroom ...