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Woman is slashed in the neck outside a Brooklyn subway station

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Shocking moment woman is slashed in the neck by a stranger outside a Brooklyn subway station - as New York authorities struggle to stem surge in violent crimeIncident occurred outside Franklin Avenue station in Prosp...

Woman pulls apart RAW MEAT with her bare hands on NYC subway

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Asof 2020 couldn't get any stranger! Bizarre video shows woman pull out stash of RAW MEAT on NYC subway before she breaks it up with her bare handsVideo of the incident was shared to Facebook on Tuesday The woman d...

Man, 29, charged with ‘assaulting 9 women in random subway attacks

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Man, 29, is charged with hate crimes for 'beating nine light-skinned women in random attacks over six weeks' at Brooklyn subway station two blocks from his homeless shelterKhari Covington, 29, is facing eight hate cr...

Naakte man wat 'n New Yorker van 'n metro-platform gestoot het, sterf

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Naakte man wat die man van die metro-platform van New York af gestoot het, sterf nadat hy geskok is toe hy op die spore gespring het om 'n barmhartige Samaritaan te beveg wat die slagoffer wou help. 'N Naakte man is Saterdag op metrobane dood..

Subway is SUED after tuna salad is ‘revealed to be anything but tuna

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Subway is sued after tuna sandwiches are 'revealed to be anything but tuna' and 'don't even contain FISH'Two Bay Area residents are suing popular fast food restaurant chain Subway Karen Dhanowa and Nilima Amin say tu...

Subway warns it is facing a shortage of ‘carrots, eggs and cheese

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Fast food chain Subway warns it is facing shortage of 'carrots, eggs and cheese' because of disruption in supply line since Brexit transition endedIngredients missing from some branches include carrots, eggs and chee...

NYPD hunt for subway slasher who attacked commuter

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'I thought I was gonna die and nobody helped me': Commuter, 61, who was slashed across the face with a box cutter on NYC subway says deranged attacker targeted him at randomVictim Noel Quintana, 61, spoke out after W...

NYPD jag 'metrosteller’ wat twee haweloses doodgemaak het

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BREEK: NYPD loods jag op 'metro-steker' wat twee hawelose mense doodgemaak het en twee ander geslaan het terwyl hulle op die A-lyn gery het wat Manhattan en Queens verbind. Twee mense is aan die oorkant van A. doodgesteek..

Man punched and slashed by ski-mask-clad attacker at Bronx subway stop

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Straphanger in a ski-mask punches random passenger, 49, before slashing his face from cheek to neck at a Bronx subway stationMan in black ski mask attacked commuter on his way to work before 6am on February 12 at Mor...

Beijing to let subway riders with good social credit scores on first

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Chinese subway passengers with good 'social credit scores' will be let on first ahead of those deemed 'bad' for offences such as eating on a trainBeijing plans to roll out 'fast pass' system across its subways, offic...

NYPD hate crimes unit hunts subway passenger seen beating Asian man

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NYPD hate crimes unit hunts subway passenger seen on video brutally beating an Asian man and putting him in a chokehold 'after he called him the N-word'The NYPD’s hate crimes unit tweeted footage from the incident Mo...

Subway launch crisps as a sandwich filling from today

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Subway launch CRISP sandwiches: Fans will be able to add Ready Salted Walkers as an extra topping to their subs, wraps and salads from todayReady Salted Walkers Crisps will be added to the Subway toppings menu today ...

Subway employee shows what the meat looks like before it’s prepared

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'It's like cat food!' Subway employee reveals what the fast food chain's steak looks like before it's prepared in a VERY unappetizing video that has left viewers horrifiedTikToker @Travis2official works at a Texas Su...

Metrowag afgedank vir die plasing van sekuriteitsopname met vrouespeletjies

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XXX-straal: Chinese metrowag word afgedank omdat hy sekuriteitspeelgoed vir vrouens gepos het, onderklere en kolfproppe in haar bagasie 'n Veiligheidswag in China is afgedank omdat hy 'n beeld van 'n vrou se tas gepos het Die kom ...

Subway launches new summer meal deal menu

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Subway fans rejoice! Fast-food chain launches new summer meal deal menu - including Nacho Chicken Sub, Nacho Chicken Bites and Potato CrispersNacho Chicken Bites and Potato Crispers join menu across UK and Ireland C...

Man, 35, slashed in rush hour attack at Times Square subway station

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Man, 35, is slashed on the head by knifeman in rush hour attack at Times Square subway station in latest example of NYC violenceThe man, 35, was waiting for a 1/2/3 train just before 7 nm. before the brazen attack i...

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