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Brexit success story to make Remoaners choke on their sea bass

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Brexit success story to make Remoaners choke on their sea bass: Despite Project Fear claiming quitting the EU would sink Britain's fishing industry crews in the Devon port of Brixham net £44million, ROBERT HARDMAN Th...

Small business success stories of 2021

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Small business success stories of 2021: It's been another tough year for start-ups, but these entrepreneurs are surviving and thrivingThis year we've celebrated small businesses who have defied the pandemic Our B Co...

New Bond film could lose up to $100million despite Box Office success

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No Time To Cry: New Bond movie could reportedly lose up to $100million through Covid-related delays despite becoming highest grossing Hollywood film this yearNo Time To Die could lose up to £75million due to the pand...

The students who founded Omlet have cashed in on success

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The posh henhouses that laid a £33million golden egg: Their Eglu chicken coops became a middle-class must-have status symbol. Nou, the students who founded Omlet have cashed in, writes JANE FRYER For many of Britain’...

Kim Kardashian’s SNL hosting gig is a massive SUCCESS

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Kim Kardashian's SNL hosting gig is a massive SUCCESS as fans flock to social media to comment on THAT kiss with Pete Davidson and her ruthless impersonation of older sister KourtneyExcited viewers flooded Twitter wi...

How to waltz away a winner: BILL BAILEY’s secrets of his success

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How to waltz away a winner: Skreeusnaaks, touching and VERY revealing – count down the hours to tonight's Strictly lift-off with 2020 winner BILL BAILEY's secrets of his amazing success As the new series launches tonigh...

Sarah Harding: The ‘wildchildovernight success story

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Finding fame overnight on Popstars: the Rivals, Sarah Harding helped Girls Aloud become UK biggest-selling girl group - but she was also known for 'wildchild' reputation and turbulent personal life Sarah Harding beca...

Biden says chaotic Kabul withdrawal was a SUCCESS

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Biden says chaotic Kabul withdrawal was a SUCCESS: President says he couldn't start evacuation sooner, hails the 90% of Americans he got out and again blames Trump and local soldiers for the messPresident Joe Biden d...

Removing moisture has a 100% success rate at killing Japanese knotweed

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Is THIS the key to wiping out Japanese knotweed? Removal of moisture has a 100% success rate at killing the invasive plant – and is much more effective than herbicide, study findsScientists said removing moisture fro...

Boris Johnson faces wrath of MPs as he claims Afghan mission ‘success

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Boris Johnson swipes at Joe Biden saying 'successful' Afghan mission could not carry on without 'US might' as he faces wrath of MPs packed into recalled Commons - and reveals fewer than 2,400 Britons and local allies...

Was die plan om vinnig ryk te word, 'n sukses van HARRY WALLOP??

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My kwas met die digitale kuns goldrush: Versamelaars betaal miljoene vir 'virtuele' foto's wat soos kinderspeletjies lyk - so was HARRY WALLOP se plan om vinnig ryk te word om die kunswerk van sy negejarige seun as 'n nie-f..

Testosterone levels don’t drive success, studie bevind

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Good news for beta males! Testosterone levels do NOT drive success in men and are 'much less important than previously claimed', study findsHigh testosterone has previously been linked to various kinds of social succ...

Four-day week trial in Iceland deemed an ‘overwhelming success

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World's largest ever four-day working week trial in Iceland is deemed an 'overwhelming success' and 'should be tested in the UK'2,500 Icelandic workers took part in '4-day week' experiment from 2015 aan 2019 Particip...

Australia’s Covid success crumbles

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Australia's Covid success crumbles: Country was hailed for closed-borders zero-virus policy that let Aussies live a normal life but now cities are in lockdown as Indian variant spreads through population with just 5%...

IVF clinics are warned not to ‘guarantee success

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IVF clinics are warned not to 'guarantee success' for patients as watchdog launches crackdown on fertility centres Concerns about the mis-selling of IVF treatment have led to a crackdown The competition watchdog ha...

Boris Johnson gets Super Thursday election bounce with vaccine success

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Tories' jabs booster on Super Thursday: Boris Johnson gets election bounce as Covid vaccines success and ending of lockdown 'helps party's prospects'Around 48million voters can cast ballots in biggest electoral test ...

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