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Michigan news anchor killed, 4 others injured in murder suicide

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Michigan news anchor, 57, is killed in apparent murder suicide by 'family friend': Host's girlfriend, 35, fled from quiet suburban home with daughter, five, after being stabbed - son, 10, found tied up in closetThe at...

Molly Russell ‘liked posts glamorising suicide before killing herself

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Instagram's 'wellbeing' chief defends not removing 'distressing' suicide and self-harm videos seen by Molly Russell before she killed herself because they could have been a 'cry for help' by another user, inquest hear...

Afghan girl survived suicide bombing only to vanish nine months ago

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Three-year-old Afghan girl who survived suicide bombing VANISHED from Texas playground without a trace nine months ago - after mom took her eyes off toddler for five minutesLina Sardar Khil, 3, survived a suicide bomb...