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Liz Truss heads for Prague summit after Tory conference chaos

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Liz Truss now says Emmanuel Macron IS a 'friend' of Britain ahead of their talks at European summit - after the PM previously claimed the 'jury's out' on the French PresidentLiz Truss in Prague for European Political ...

Why Harry snubbed William’s offer of secret summit to heal their rift

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Why Harry snubbed William's offer of a secret summit to heal their rift: In a bombshell TV interview, Harry said he and his brother were on 'different paths'. William was blindsided, but when he suggested a crisis mee...

Truss ‘advises Charles to stay away from Cop27 climate change summit

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Liz Truss ‘advises King Charles to stay away from the Cop27 climate change summit’ despite the new monarch’s plans to give a major speech to world leadersKing Charles will not attend the Cop27 climate change summit ne...