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Did squealer on PM’s speech come from Rishi Sunak’s glossy spin team?

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Did squealer come from Rishi Sunak's glossy spin team? JASON GROVES analyses the twists and turns of the fallout from Boris Johnson's shambolic CBI speech By any standards it was a damaging briefing. In the context i...

Rishi Sunak’s freeports plan ‘nobbled by the Whitehall Blob

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Rishi Sunak's freeports plan 'nobbled by the Blob': Whitehall officials are accused of killing hopes for low-tax zones by watering down post-Brexit proposalSenior officials have 'killed' ministers' hopes for low-tax,...

Peers could block Rishi Sunak’s plan to scrap pensions triple lock

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Peers could block Rishi Sunak's plan to scrap pensions triple lock in revolt over 'false' forecast on wage growthFormer pensions minister Ros Altmann will lead a push to amend legislation MPs may have to vote again ...

Former education tsar criticises Rishi Sunak’s ‘meagrecatch-up plans

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Former education tsar criticises Rishi Sunak's 'meagre' catch-up plans as he says the Government's extra cash to address Covid disruption is 'not enough' and warns pupils will leave school with lower skillsRishi Suna...

Sunak’s spending ‘marks shift in Tory philosophyof slashing state

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Rishi Sunak's spending 'marks a shift in Tory philosophy' of slashing the size of the state, says key allySimon Clarke said there has been a shift in economic philosophy among Tories Leading think-tanks have said Sun...

PAUL THOMAS su… Rishi Sunak’s budget

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PAUL THOMAS su ... Rishi Sunak's budget To order a print of this Paul Thomas cartoon or one by Pugh, visita o chiama 0191 6030 178.

Getting helped out? The winners (and losers) in Rishi Sunak’s budget

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Getting helped out... or missing out? From education to the cladding scandal and family finances - the winners (and losers) in Rishi Sunak's budget CLADDING The biggest housebuilders will be hit with a £200million-a-...

Sunak’s levelling-up budget boosts minimum wage and eases benefit cuts

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'For too long the location of your birth has determined your future': Rishi Sunak delivers levelling-up budget with increase in minimum wage and watering down of benefit cuts alongside cash for projects in Bury, Burn...

Long-haul flights face ‘eco taxin Rishi Sunak’s autumn budget

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Long-haul flights face 'eco tax' in Rishi Sunak's autumn budget - with holidays to Australia and South Africa among those that would cost moreChancellor Rishi Sunak is said to be planning to increase Air Passenger Du...

Education ‘faces being hardest hitin Rishi Sunak’s spending review

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Education 'faces being hardest hit' in Rishi Sunak's spending review with the Chancellor 'planning just a £1billion boost for pupil Covid catch-up' despite teaching chiefs calling for £6billionChancellor Rishi Sunak ...

Rishi Sunak’s aide Liam Booth-Smith sports a leather biker jacket

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The Travolta of the Treasury: Rishi Sunak's aide Liam Booth-Smith sports a leather biker jacket and shirt unbuttoned halfway down his chest as he accompanies Chancellor to No10Chancellor appears to have new style riv...

Rishi Sunak’s plea for unity ahead of ‘tough autumn

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Rishi's plea for unity ahead of 'tough autumn': Chancellor tells Tory backbench MPs to 'remember we're a team' amid revolt over plans for National Insurance raid on millions of BritonsBoris Johnson announced an addit...

Two of firms that Rishi Sunak’s wife had shares in go bust

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Two of firms that Rishi Sunak's wife had shares in go bust owing £623,000 to taxman - after one secured £1.3m in Covid cash from husband's schemeAkshata Murthy owned shares in private members club Lava Mayfair Club L...

Why do smart people inflate house prices? Sunak’s stamp duty slip up

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SIMON LAMBERT: Why do smart people inflate house prices? Making the stamp duty cut temporary is how Rishi Sunak slipped up Rishi Sunak is smart, as is George Osborne, so why did Britain’s two best known Chancellors o...

DAN HODGES rivela l'ambizione di Sunak e le finanze distrutte di Johnson

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Perché Boris e Rishi sono stati felici di lasciare il vecchio amico Dave contorcersi nel vento: Gli alleati di Cameron danno a DAN HODGES la difesa dell'ex premier contro lo scandalo Greensill.. che mette a nudo l'ambizione spietata di Sunak e Johnso ...

Rishi Sunak’s stamp duty holiday sparks record demand for property

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Home sellers are set for a bumper Easter as Rishi Sunak's stamp duty holiday sparks record demand for propertyHouse prices could soar after stamp duty holiday extended to the end of June Average asking prices are alr...