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Estranged wife of Liz Hurley’s ‘Supermaninsists pair are friends

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ESCLUSIVO: 'We are STILL married!' Estranged wife of Liz Hurley's 'Superman' who swept the model off her feet during boozy New Year's party insists the pair are just old friendsCathy Birtles has dismissed claims of a...

LAPD sent cops to patrol homes of creators of bisexual Superman comic

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Production staff who worked on Superman comic depicting the superhero as bisexual received DEATH THREATS and were provided police protection at their LA studio and homesOfficers were dispatched to the homes and LA of...

Dean Cain: DC Comics is ‘bandwagoningwith bisexual Superman plotline

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'It isn't bold or brave': Superman actor Dean Cain slams decision to make the superhero bisexual as 'bandwagoning' - and calls for DC Comics to 'fight real injustice' like human trafficking and gay rights in IranDC C...

Superman comes out as BISEXUAL

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Superman comes out as bisexual: DC Comics reveals woke superhero son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane will start a romance with a male best friend - just two months after company announced Batman sidekick Robin is also bi...

Superman, Lethal Weapon director Richard Donner dies at age 91

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Superman director Richard Donner dies at age 91: The Hollywood staple was also known for the Eighties blockbusters The Goonies and Lethal WeaponHollywood director Richard Donner died at the age of 91 on Monday He wa...