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Kanye West stands by ‘White Lives Matterand gets Diddy’s support

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'THEY DO': Kanye West doubles down on White Lives Matter slogan as Diddy comes to his defense saying the message has been 'misconstrued' calling the rapper a 'free thinker' Kanye West stood by the 'White Lives Matter'...

Italy’s Georgia Meloni says Ukraine can count on her ‘loyal support

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Far-right leader Georgia Meloni says Ukraine can count on her 'loyal support' after her Italian election victory – despite her alliance partners' warm ties with RussiaZelensky said he is counting on a 'productive part...

Leicester Police ‘did not supportprotests that sparked violence

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Leicester Police chief insists his force 'did not support' protests that sparked sectarian violence after officers were seen walking with 300 Hindus towards Muslim area - as experts fear tensions in India will fuel mo...