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BLM activists tell students white supremacy, capitalism ruins society

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'Crime is made up': Woke teachers force middle school pupils to listen to BLM activists claim black people who commit crime are being 'enslaved' by being sent to jail and society is being ruined by 'white supremacy a...

Cheney after Buffalo shooting: My colleagues ‘enabled white supremacy

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Liz Cheney attacks the Republican leadership and says her colleagues have 'enabled white nationalism, wit oppergesag, and anti-semitism' after the Buffalo mass shootingRepresentative Liz Cheney slammed her Republica...

Eagle-eyed customers spot WHITE SUPREMACY book in furniture advert

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That's not what you want to show off on your coffee table: Eagle-eyed customers spot WHITE SUPREMACY book used as a prop by Wayfair in furniture advertA Twitter user discovered an ad for a Wayfair coffee table had a ...

Free speech to get legal supremacy: Dominic Raab unveils plan

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Free speech to get legal supremacy, says Dominic Raab as he unveils plan to stop democratic debate being 'whittled away by wokery' in major victory over cancel cultureDeputy PM Raab warns democratic debate is being '...

How references to racism, white supremacy and more exploded in media

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The Great Awokening: Liberal media stoked 'moral panic' with references to racism and white supremacy SKYROCKETING in 2011 when the New York Times erected its paywall and rewarded their paying white liberal readers' ...

White supremacy ‘motivatedmurder of two black bystanders, DA says

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Man, 28, who shot and killed two black bystanders in Massachusetts after stealing a box truck and slamming it into another car was 'fueled by white supremacy', DA saysSuffolk County DA has released excerpts from jour...