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Laurence Fox is engaged! Divisive actor confirms surprise proposal

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Laurence Fox is engaged! Divisive actor confirms surprise proposal to Arabella May Fleetwood Neagle... but after a series of online pranks is it just another wind up? Laurence Fox surprised social media followers on ...

Kate verlustig aanhangers met verrassende klavieruitvoering saam met Tom Walker

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Kate verlustig aanhangers met verrassende klavieruitvoering: Hertogin begelei sanger Tom Walker met 'n aangrypende lied wat by kerslig in die Westminster Abbey uitgevoer word. Hertogin van Cambridge het klavier gespeel om sang te begelei..

SPOILER ALERT: And Just like Thatcreator explains surprise death

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SPOILER ALERT: And Just like That... creator explains surprise death in premiere episode of Sex And The City reboot and WHY Peloton was used in storyline The creator of the Sex And The City reboot series And Just Lik...

Sir Richard Branson flew to surprise daughter Holly for her birthday

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Holly Branson reveals how her injured father Sir Richard flew from the British Virgin Island to surprise her in London on her 40th birthday - two weeks after his 'colossal' bicycle crashHolly Branson revealed her fat...

ANTONIA HOYLE (and Herbie) try 2021’s surprise bestselling tree design

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Make mine a half! Scarred by tree disasters of Christmases past, ANTONIA HOYLE (and Herbie) try 2021’s surprise bestselling designParasol Trees are gaining popularity ahead of festivities this Christmas Same height ...

Jill Biden makes surprise trip to Rome’s Borghese gallery

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Jill Biden makes surprise trip to Rome's Borghese Gallery after wrapping up her time in the G20 spotlight with final spouses lunchFirst Lady Jill Biden made a surprise trip to the Borghese Gallery in Rome Sunday nigh...

Matt Hancock’s surprise comeback crashes to a quick end

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Shamed Matt Hancock's job offer at the United Nations is WITHDRAWN just days after it was announced as his exile continues after he quit Government in disgraceMatt Hancock was previously named as a UN special represe...

Rosie Duffield makes surprise appearance at party conference

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Trans row MP gives speech: Rosie Duffield makes surprise appearance at party conference amid reports she would stay awayLabour's Rosie Duffield made a surprise appearance at the party conference The Canterbury MP was...

Latvian soldiers stage surprise military exercise on streets of Riga

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The city that became a battlefield: Shoppers in Latvia look on in fear as soldiers storm streets and fire blanks at each other in Russian invasion exerciseSurprise urban military drills in Riga have both angered and ...

Couple shock surprise guests by inviting them to secret wedding

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Couple surprise guests at their daughter's christening by revealing it's also their WEDDING day - and planned the big day in three weeks for £10,000Jessica, 26 and Adam, 29 Attwood from Cheshire, say their day was 'm...

VIDEO: Pet dog messes up Canadian gender reveal surprise

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Doggone! Moment eager pooch sends gender reveal balloon flying up into the sky without popping itMarie del Rosario, 33, and her partner Jasa Grant, 34, held a gender reveal party The couple wanted their dog Dooby to ...

VIDEO: Barbers surprise cancer patient by shaving their own heads

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Moment two barbers surprise woman undergoing chemotherapy by shaving their heads to support herCaroline Ross from Leicestershire is undergoing treatment for bowel cancer She asked barber Andi Bica to shave her head ...

Ben se verjaardagverrassing vir JLO! Geliefde paartjie besoek Franse Riviera

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EKSKLUSIEF: Ben Affleck whisks J.Lo away for a PDA-filled vacation in Saint-Tropez aboard a $110M mega-yacht for her 52nd birthday after flying in on a private jet days after going 'Instagram official'Lovebirds Afflec...

Euro 2020: Tom Cruise sends surprise message of support to England

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And now for Mission Impossible? Tom Cruise sends surprise message of support to England players after they watched special preview of Top Gun: MaverickHollywood legend Tom Cruise wished the England football team 'the...

Die geheime diens het angstig gelyk aan Harris’ verrassing Trots opmars vertoon

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Kamala Harris word daarvan beskuldig dat sy haar geheime diensagente in 'n moeilike posisie geplaas het nadat hulle betrap is dat hulle 'angstig' gekyk het na die 'verrassing' van DC Pride se optog. Harris het Saterdag geskiedenis gemaak as die eerste sitting v..

Meek Mill, Jay-Z surprise Robert Kraft with Bentley for his birthday

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What to buy a man who has everything? Patriots owner Robert Kraft gets $300,000 Bentley in 80th birthday surprise from Meek Mill, Jay-Z and Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael RubinRapper Meek Mill shared a video Kra...

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