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BBC’s Ros Atkins reveals surprising past life as a Drum and Bass DJ

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BBC newsman Ros Atkins reveals VERY surprising past life as a Drum and Bass DJ... before birth of his first child put paid to his hardcore raving daysMr Atkins, 47, revealed colourful background after presenting on B...

Die (ander) surprising uses for Viagra

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Die (ander) surprising uses for Viagra: As impotence pill helps save nurse in a Covid coma, why it might also help patients with dementia and pulmonary hypertension Could Viagra be a Swiss Army knife of drugs, helpin...

The surprising amount of sugar in YOUR favourite Christmas cocktails

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Hold the eggnog! Christmas drinks including snowballs and mulled wine contain FOUR teaspoons of sugar - but it's good news if you like champagne cocktails and hot analysed the sugar content ...

My year of no sex (en, the surprising things it taught me)

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My year of no sex (en, the surprising things it taught me): Meer as 12 months after lockdown enforced a sex drought on them, single writers reveal why living like a nun has its upsides too...UK-based writers revea...

The surprising trick for seasoning meat so it tastes its best revealed

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Top chef reveals the EXACT time to season meat, poultry and fish with salt so that it tastes its best - and you might be surprisedA top Australian chef has shared her surprising secret for seasoning meat Danielle Alv...

The surprising ways to beat the pollen season

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Die 2021 hay fever survival guide: Stay indoors at 11am and 6pm, watch out for rain followed by sunshine... and wipe your pet's paws. With warnings the pollen season is getting worse (and longer), the surprising ways...