Merk: Die emosionele snit wat op Twitter gedeel is, wys hoe plaaslike Oekraïners die soldaat met kos verwelkom ná sy gerapporteerde oorgawe

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Footage claims to show 14-battle-hardened Russian soldiers surrender

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Footage appears to show 14-battle-hardened Russian soldiers sitting on the ground after Ukraine troops capture them on the battlefield of LuhanskFootage allegedly shows 14 Russian soldiers captured by Ukraine in Luha...

Ukrainian troops and civilians in chemical plant told to surrender

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Ukrainian troops holed up in Severodonetsk chemical plant with hundreds of civilians are told to 'lay down your arms and surrender' - as Putin loses his 53rd colonel of invasionSoldiers and more than 500 civilians ar...

PETER HITCHENS: Can anyone explain why this wasn’t called surrender?

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PETER HITCHENS: Can anyone explain to me why this was called evacuation and not surrender? I laughed out loud in Marks & Spencer when I found that they are now selling something called ‘Chicken Kyiv’. This is ap...

Deborah James: ‘I have no choice but to surrender to the inevitable

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'I can’t get my head around the idea that I won't see my kids grow up': Cancer-stricken BBC podcaster Deborah James tells how she is scared of dying and reveals her heartbreak at saying final goodbye to her family as...

Russian soldier holds two grenades as he demands Ukrainians surrender

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Russian soldier holds two grenades in the air as he walks among Ukrainians demanding they surrenderFootage from Konotop shows a Russian walking through a crowd of Ukrainians He is holding two grenades above his head ...

Russiese dreigement om families van Oekraïense soldate te vermoor wat nie oorgee nie

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US government says Russia is planning to kill FAMILY MEMBERS of Ukrainian soldiers who won't surrender to Putin's troopsThe Biden administration believes that Russia will threaten to kill the families of Ukrainian so...