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GP who was suspended after dismissed a complaint is struck off

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'Disrespectful' GP who dismissed fellow doctor's complaint as 'a vindictive pile of female cr*p' and claimed '99 per cent of complaints in NHS' come from women is struck offRobert Keane made remarks while avoiding en...

Royal Mail postie suspended after appearing to URINATE near home

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Please DON'T Mr Postman! Royal Mail postie is suspended after being caught on family's doorbell cam appearing to URINATE near their front doorChristopher Mears caught a postman appearing to urinate yards from his hom...

Onderwyser geskors nadat hy kinders gevra het om die Holocaust-toneel weer op te stel

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DC-onderwyser word met verlof geplaas nadat hulle kinders bejaard gemaak het 8 en 9 die HOLOCAUST weer op te voer, met Joodse seun wat gekies is om Hitler te speel en aangesê om die Nazi-leier se selfmoord uit te voer: Ander jongmense het beveel om 'n rol te speel grawe van massa ...

Mental health worker who scarred man for life is suspended from job

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Mental health worker, 25, who scarred man for life when she hurled two litre bottles of vodka into a crowd after her boyfriend launched 2am brawl is suspended from jobNicole Berry threw vodka bottles in an attempt to...

Nurse suspended after letting patient high on Spice out on leave

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Mental health nurse is suspended after allowing sectioned patient to wander into town while high on synthetic drug Spice before getting drunk and paying a stranger £3.50 for a fight before sexually harassing female s...

Asbury Park high school coach suspended after being found half-naked

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New Jersey high school football coach is suspended after being found half-naked on the field at 2am: Cops also find human feces on rug and vomit on jerseys in team's locker roomNick Famularo, Asbury Park High School ...

Pensions are set to rise by just 3% as ‘triple-lockpledge suspended

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Pensions are set to rise by just 3% as 'triple-lock' pledge is suspended to save the Treasury billionsTriple lock means pensions rise with highest of inflation, earnings or 2.5 per cent Pledge scrapped after pandemic...

Spectator who caused TDF crash handed suspended PRISON sentence

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Spectator who caused massive crash at the Tour de France in June is handed a four-month suspended PRISON sentence and the unnamed 31-year-old woman admits she is 'ashamed' during a brief trial in BrestA woman from Br...

Die geskorste tandarts het gesê dat hy 'nie deur 'n Afrikaan behandel wil word nie’

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Tandarts is ses maande geskors nadat hy aan kollegas van wangedrag gesê het 'dit gaan rassisties klink', maar hy 'wil nie deur 'n Afrikaan behandel word nie' Tandarts Rashpal Singh Mondair was voorsitter van Professional..

Tory councillor suspended after comments he made towards women

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Senior Tory councillor is suspended after telling women at awards ceremony to 'stand up so I can look at you,' because he'd missed live eventsLeigh Higgins is said to have told women to stand up so could praise their...

Drunk barrister who sexually assaulted colleagues suspended

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Drunk barrister who sexually assaulted two female colleagues on a night out after he lifted up one victim's skirt and groped the other woman's bottom is suspended for 12 monthsDuncan Maxwell-Stewart was so intoxicate...

Lorry driver suspended after calling courier ‘bl***iein street row

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Lorry driver is suspended after video emerges of him calling a DPD driver a ‘bl***ie’ during a row in the middle of a busy road in ManchesterThe incident took place on A6 in Ardwick, near Manchester, on Friday evenin...

Nigerian sprinter Blessing Okagbare is provisionally suspended

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Nigerian sprinter Blessing Okagbare is provisionally suspended after testing positive for human growth hormone ahead of women's 100m semi-final against Dina Asher-SmithBlessing Okagbare was provisionally suspended by...

SUE REID: Suspended GP is using EU loophole to sell puberty blockers

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How could a barred doctor profit by selling puberty blockers to UK teenagers in turmoil over their gender using an EU loophole?Helen Webberley co-founded business selling sex hormones from its website The 52-year-old...

Architect suspended after designing £450k ‘wonkyhome cinema

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Architect is suspended after promising millionaire banker a £450,000 'wow factor' home cinema in his £7m mansion - but delivering an 'ugly and wonky' glass box insteadArchitect Daniel Marcal hired by former Barclays ...

Die celeb-tandarts in Harley Street is vir ses maande geskors weens seks van pasiënte

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Harley Street-tandarts aan die sterre is vir ses maande geskors omdat hy seks met 'n pasiënt gehad het nadat hy haar in die SavoyDr Sahil Patel gewend en geëet het., 28, is 'n mede-tandarts by Harley Street Smile Clinic in Londen..

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