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Hare jumps over golden eagle as it swoops in for the kill

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Salto che sfida la morte! Hare jumps OVER golden eagle as it swoops in for the killDanny Carter, 37, had taken his training golden eagle outside in Lincolnshire The bird of prey was spreading its wing over a field when i...

Shocking moment giant eagle swoops on Brit girl, 4, in Spain

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Shocking moment a giant Eastern Imperial Eagle swoops to attack a British girl, 4, as she has dinner with her family on holiday in SpainNicole Yadid said the eagle swooped in on her daughter Lulu and son Gabriel, 6 F...

Marlboro maker Philip Morris swoops on UK health firm Vectura

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Marlboro maker swoops on UK health firm: Philip Morris in £1bn takeover by of inhaler group Vectura Marlboro-maker Philip Morris International has swooped on British inhaler firm Vectura in an audacious £1billion tak...

Skydiver swoops down at 60mph and snatches a Red Bull off the ground

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Dropping by for a drink! Skydiver swoops down at 60mph and snatches a can of Red Bull off the groundParaglider Nil Farre Berge, 28, jumped from 12,000 feet before making the grab Footage shows him speeding through th...