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Rishi Sunak takes daughter to London premiere of Matilda the Musical

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A world away from Truss' troubles: Rishi Sunak takes daughter to London premiere of Matilda the Musical after ex-Chancellor avoided fractious Tory conference 'to let PM own the moment' after mini-budget shamblesRishi ...

Putin takes swipe at Giorgia Meloni by cutting off gas to Italy

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Putin takes his first swipe at Giorgia Meloni by completely cutting off gas supplies to Italy just days after the right-wing leader backed UkraineItaly reported that Russia's Gazprom has suspended its gas supply until...

Putin fa un passo avanti verso l'annessione dopo falsi referendum

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Putin firma un decreto che riconosce due regioni ucraine come stati indipendenti dopo i falsi referendum questa settimana - nell'ultimo passo verso l'annessione di vaste aree del paese e l'aumento dei timori che potrebbe usare NUKES per "pr...

King takes time to grieve before taking Grandfather of the Nation role

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King and Camilla begin 'at least a week' of private grieving in Scotland but have been 'buoyed' by outpouring of public support since the Queen’s deathThe King's staff are busy putting project Grandfather of the Natio...