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Man is slammed for buying his girlfriend tampons after heated row

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Boyfriend goes viral with apology to his girlfriend that included a bunch of flowers, chocolates... and a box of tampons with a note saying: 'I'm not sure why I'm apologising so I think you'll need these soon'Jack Su...

Disney+ animated series Baymax! shows transgender man buying tampons

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Woke Disney shows transgender man offering little girl advice on which tampons to buy in new children's animated series Baymax!Die nuwe show, Baymax!, features what is believed to be the company's first transgender ch...

Skotse regering 'om tampons in manlike toilette te sit’

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Skotse regering 'om tampons en sanitêre handdoeke in manstoilette te sit indien dit deur transgender-staatsamptenare benodig word' Vroulike higiëne-items sal in mans se toilette geplaas word 'naby vergadering-/konferensiekamers ...