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Nella foto: Driver ‘who tried to snatch teenage girl from street

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Nella foto: Face of driver 'who tried to snatch teenage girl from street after repeatedly driving past her'Hampshire Constabulary have released an e-fit of an attempted kidnap suspect The man is suspected of attempting ...

LORD ASHCROFT: Teenage Private awarded Victoria’s Cross for bravery

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The teenage Private once awarded the Victoria's Cross for bravery: LORD ASHCROFT shares the full story of the short yet remarkable life of a baby-faced soldier who died saving his company's 'father-figure' commander i...

Ronaldo charged by the FA for slapping phone out of teenage fan’s hand

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Cristiano Ronaldo is charged with improper conduct by the FA for slapping a mobile phone out of teenage fan's hand after Manchester United's defeat at Everton in AprilCristiano Ronaldo angrily slapped a mobile phone o...