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Tesla owners in Alaska and Canada say car heating systems are failing

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Tesla-model 3 and Y owners in Alaska and Canada say their car heaters have stopped working: Firmware update and corroded pumps are forcing them to drive in unheated cabins as temperatures outside plummet to -40FTesla...

Is hy handvry? Tesla-bestuurder gevang terwyl hy na PORNO in verkeersknope kyk

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Is hy op handsfree? Tesla-bestuurder word gevang terwyl hy PORNO in verkeersknope kyk Die motoris is betrap met X-gegradeerde inhoud op die raakskerm van sy Tesla S Die voorval het glo gebeur terwyl bestuurder in die verkeer in Sw..

Historian Dan Jones says his Tesla is used as a ‘hotelby an intruder

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'My Tesla is functioning as a nice hostel': TV historian Dan Jones reveals an intruder has been repeatedly breaking into his luxury electric car at night to watch Peaky Blinders on NetflixMr Jones parks his Tesla out...

Elon Musk: Tesla doesn’t get rewarded for lives saved by its Autopilot

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Elon Musk complains that Tesla doesn't get rewarded for lives its Autopilot technology saves but is blamed when people die as NHTSA probes 12 US crashes linked to the technology that left one woman deadFounder and CE...

Tesla employee is arrested for murder after ‘ghost gun shooting

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Tesla employee, 29, is arrested for murder after arguing with a co-worker then 'shooting him with a ghost gun at the end of his shift' outside the firm's Fremont manufacturing plantAnthony Solima, 29, 'suddenly walke...

Tesla is hit with six sexual harassment lawsuits

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Tesla is hit by six new sexual harassment lawsuits from women who claim atmosphere at the company was like a construction site or frat houseSix separate women filed lawsuits against Tesla on Tuesday, claiming the com...

Tesla-model 3 is a ‘mind blowingcop car, says police trial review

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Tesla's Model 3 is a 'mind blowing' cop car: The UK police's trial of the electric vehicle is getting rave reviews from officers and the public, it saysTesla says 9 month UK trial of a Model 3 as a patrol car has had...

Video games at the wheel: Tesla tech lets owners play while they drive

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Video games at the wheel: New Tesla tech lets owners play while they drive... but safety campaigners say could be a dangerous distraction even if a passenger is using itDrivers can choose from several games including...

Tesla launches its $1,900 Cyberquad for KIDS

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Tesla launches a Cyberquad for KIDS! Tiny four-wheeled ATV inspired by Cybertruck goes on sale for $1,900 - and has top speed of 10mph and a range of 15milesTesla launched its Cyberquad for Kids on Thursday for $1,90...

Tesla launches a bizarre £38 ‘Cyberwhistle

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Elon Musk jokes about whistleblowers as Tesla launches a £38 'Cyberwhistle' – and sells out of the bizarre product within hoursTesla says the £38 'Cyberwhistle' is made from 'medical-grade stainless steel' It's shape...

Tesla Model S Plaid sets record breaking EIGHT SECOND quarter mile run

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Tesla Model S Plaid is now the world's fastest production vehicle: Car sets record breaking EIGHT SECOND quarter mile run at Maryland International RacewayA Tesla Model S Plaid is the first production vehicle to fini...

Elon Musk’s wealth falls by record $50bn in two days after Tesla tweet

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Tesla tweet costs Elon Musk a record $50bn in just two days (but he's still the richest person in the world) Elon Musk lost $50billion in two days following a weekend Twitter poll asking if he should sell 10 per cent...

Apple hires Tesla expert for its self-driving car project, report says

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Is the Apple Car FINALLY on the way? Apple hires former Tesla Autopilot software director to help develop a self-driving vehicle, report claimsApple has reportedly hired former Tesla software director Christopher Moo...

ALEX BRUMMER: Tesla boss Musk eyes new horizons

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Musk eyes new horizons: Tesla boss works in a different dimension to those wanting to hold him to account, says ALEX BRUMMER The decision by Elon Musk to take the advice of Twitter followers on the sale of 10 per honderd ...

Elon Musk will sell Tesla stock if UN proves $6B solves world hunger

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Elon Musk says he'll sell Tesla stock if UN official can prove how $6billion from world's richest man will solve world hungerTesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is willing to sell stock to help solve world hunger if offic...

Elon Musk’s Tesla leadership team was BLINDSIDED by planned move

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Elon Musk's Tesla leadership team 'was blindsided by move from California to Texas and only found out when he made public announcement' - as California officials still maintain trillion-dollar firm is staying putElon...

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